Older pc burns dvd fine, newer has video artifacts


Old and slow pc with 633 celeron and 384MB burns over 7.5G Troy
and less than 4.7G Napolean DVDs fine. But once moved the same dvd
burner to a better pc: 2000 Athlon and 786Mb, the smaller Napolean
is burning fine, but longer movie Troy has many video artifacts
such as flashing, bricks or stuttering.

Burner is 16x dual layer digital max and tools used dvd shrink.
Older pc runs on xp pro and better pc runs xp pro sp2.

Slower pc gnerated excellent dvds using shrink without AEC and
deep analysis, I have tried deep analysis and AEC on better pc
without any good results. Nero check confirmed aspi ok.
Have also tired decrypter.

Any suggestions I can implement.


Burn speed,media, and CPU load with old and new PCs? Are you getting 6 min full-burn at 16X with the old PC?

OK…so you are using the “quick analysis” with the old PC? What is your average processing time for a 2 hr movie? Are you using any other program like AnyDVD while ripping with Shrink?

Used decrypter and shrink only. BTW limited burn to 4x only
on a 8x disks for a better resuts. Same memorex 8x -R disks used on both
pc. Removed burner and installed on a newer pc.

Old pc took at least 15 minutes more to trasnscode. Burn times were
the same.

The transfer speed of the faster PC may not be in DMA mode. Check the CPU load on both machines during burn cycle. Repost your results.