Older movies on dvd

when trying to copy the longest yard (the original) with dvd43 as a ripper,clonedvd will copy the whole movie until the end of the credits then says unable to copy due to css. but xcopy will copy with its on ripper and click one will copy using dvd43 as the ripper. so whats the problem with clone dvd. this has also happened 1 other time also with a older movie.both were region 1 dvds.xp home, pentium 4, 512 ram

I don’t think dvd4free removes CSS. Check the web page, I believe I saw something about it there.

Ignore what I wrote. Just went to a web site that says the new version does remove everything. That is version 3.5.2.

i am using dvd43 version3.5.2.113 the latest and greatest

CloneDVD cannot and will not copy DVD’s that are encrypted because that will get them into legal problems. However, there is a simple solution. With AnyDVD installed your problems will be over as AnyDVD decrypts DVD’s on-the-fly so they will appear as not protected to any application or even Windows itself.

DVD43 don’t works with CloneDVD (or at least not correctly)

It’s a DVD43 problem not a CloneDVD problem

Exactly :iagree: Use AnyDVD, it’s the solution of CSS.

well i took the advice and installed anydvd. still unable to copy flight of the phoenix (the original) error message cyclic redundancy check. using clonedvd2. anydvd not working dvd43 not working i still say its a clonedvd problem and not the ripper. copy goes to 10% then gives error message even old reliable dvd x copy platinum freezes at 10%

Then it is the DVD that cant be read, if it is scratched/dirty try cleaning it, if it still doesnt work then try using a different DVD reader. If it still doesnt work try ripping it wil DVDDecrypter, and then using CloneDVD to compress it to DVD-5. If you cant get the disc to read with anything then it is that the actuall DVD is damaged, in this case you will have to buy the original again, or borrow and copy one (just as long as you still have the original this should be legal, but it depends where abouts you live).

Ben :slight_smile:

well this disc looks brand new and i think is a recent release may be new protection

Disable AnyDVD, then send IFOs to support(at)slysoft.com and bugs(at)elby.ch