Older DVD player will it accept DVD-R or +?

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Dumb question perhaps, but I can’t seem to find an answer any where else…
My brother has a Sony model DVP-S330 player (NTSC) that I would like to convert a PAL format DVD to play on (burn a copy of the DVD converting from PAL to NTSC). I have a Plextor 708A which will burn both +/- formats but the player specs (from 1999) does not show which (-/+) it is . So the question is, was and is there a default format for the older players or am I SOL (shit outa luck) because they only support ‘real’ dvd’s?
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-r take a look here

Yes, it’s called DVD-ROM. More > bitsetting AND booktype

Thanks guys for the help…

If something isn’t going to play off studio formats, it’s Sony. Remember they are a movie and recording company as well as a device manfuacturer. They have interest in people buying original release. As a founding member of the DVD Forum, which owns the DVD trademark, they make money off titles using the DVD logo.