Older Compaq laptop and CD-R dye

Hello all,

I was asked to install Windows on a laptop - it is a Compaq Armada 1560 Laptop - Pentium 166 mmx, 48 mb RAM.

So first of all i formatted the drive, and tried booting from a custom made utility-cd. Nope, nothing, nada, ok, so i installed basic DOS from a floppy with general cd-rom drivers, okay, so the drive was detected.

I insert Windows cd, and the drive just reads reads and reads when i try to get a listing of the contents (d:\dir). This was a Verbatim cd from around 97-98. I try some other cd-r’s and they also get problems. So i open the cd-rom and use some alcohol to clean the reading laser and i get a little better response, the drive is able to read maybe two out of ten discs.

I insert a pressed disc (those made in factories) and it reads it fine, so i conclude that the cd-rom doesn’t like cdrs.

I’ve tried several brands but haven’t found anything promising and i do not have any other pracitcal means of transferring any thing to that pc so what i am wondering is,

is it then logical to say that some dye colors are more compatible than others - in terms of closer resemblance to pressed discs for reading ?

If so, does anyone have suggestions as to what dye colors i can try and get sucessful results.

If not, what else can i do :expressionless:

Thanx in advance

Check to see if that CD-ROM drive has a firmware update.
This could improve its’ readability.
However, it is also likely that this CD-ROM drive is just old and its’ performance is decreasing with age…