Older cd scratched - how to copy to a new dvd and have it run

I have a copy of PS3 which has scratched - I do not have the ready cash to upgrade to PS4 - I buffed the cd with superfine talc and water and removed nearly all the scratches but there is a problem when I try to reinstall PS3 - it will not install the application - I copied the files to my hard drive and then burnt a dvd using windows vista - on checking properties the file sizes were the same but when I try to install from the dvd it says please insert original media - What am I missing here? Please help:a

What am I missing here?

Copy Protection?

You do not say where you live but if you take the disc to a movie rental store you may be able to get them to put it in their professional polishing machine for a small fee and it probably will work fine.
Just where is the install stopping?
You have to look after the media by putting it back in the case when not actually being used.

HI Guys - Solved the problem - All I had to do was burn it to a CD instead of a dvd - don’t know why - used clone cd and everything went fine - Tkanks for your suggestions:)

That CloneCD software looks kind of neat. Is this a shareware, or do you have to buy it to get the full benefit?

CloneCD is a commercial product so you will have to buy it. I bought my copy many years ago and think it well worth paying for.

Is there a free ware or shareware version of it?

No. You can try the product for 21 days (if I remember correctly) in order to see if it is worth purchasing.