Old time user on a new build and key won't work



Had a crash of Raid 0 and put in a new single hard drive. Tried to load my Any DVD and Clone DVD and Key (floppies) but can’t. Key ask for what program to use to open? Last time I did this no problem so what goes now? I love Sly soft and have had very few coasters over the last 4 years.
Thanks to all that take the time.


OK so I reloaded any DVD and Clone DVD from the web sight. Then I put in my Key Floppy. It said re-stert Any DVD and I did. I still am getting the reg. now as I have only 21 days left? What should I do?
Thanks for your time good folks. It was such a PAIN in the Rear losing all my data on RAID and now this.


what version of software are you using? And did you contact slysoft on why your keys wasn’t working? Usually uninstalling and rebooting and then reinstalling should fix your problem.


Brand new hard drive and install of Win XP SP2 so where is the re-boot issue? ANY DVD current ver. on disk 604.5.0 6-17-2008.
Original ver. 7-3-2003
Clone any DVD current ver on floppy 6-12-2008.
Original download and purchase on 3-18 2004


OK got both keys to work so kill this thread.
Thanks all


[QUOTE=jmlovell;2089162]OK got both keys to work so kill this thread.
Thanks all[/QUOTE]

Did you forget to double click the keys???