Old TDK 8x Media - Which burners are compatible with this disc?

Hi all,
I have a large amount of these discs left (ATIP indicates they are proper TDK manufactured discs) but after the death of my Lite-on 2410b burner which had no problems with them at all, im after a new burner which is compatible with these old cyanine TDK’s. I’ve tried both the 32x & 48x Lite-on burners but both give me massive C1 & C2 error rates even tho ive burned them at 8x speed & Nero indicates the burn was successful.
Does anyone know which burners are compatible with these discs? TEAC, Plextor?? other makes???
If anyone could help, i’d be most grateful :bow:

Maybe a Plextor drive, although expensive, would be compatible with these? Plextor drives have been known for their excellent write quality.


By the way, I still have lots of these discs. The are Made in Japan and have a silver reflective layer on a dark blue metal cyanine dye layer. You probably have the ones that were Made in USA. And yes, I have been known to occasionally use these in my LiteOn Burner!

My Pioneer DVR-A03 can handle them