Old sony vaio and Vista - can't see drive DVD RW only C:

Hi. I have an older Sony Vaio and Windows Vista installed. I would like to get this fixed so I can retreive some files and put them on a newer laptop. When I go to look at my computer, I see only the C: drive. I tried downloading a new device driver. I ran a check of current software drivers and it told me everything was fine and current. I really want to extract some files and move on to another machine! What can I do? I am used to having windows be friendlier than this. I don’t think I like Vista very much. I recently had a keyboard key pop off. I think I really need to lose this old one. It is time…:frowning:

The drive may not be functioning at all. If you know how to get into the bios of the Vaio, you could see if it is showing up there. Look in the manual for the machine to see how to get into the bios as you boot up. Usually with Sony laptops you press F2 as the machine boots up, but it could be F1 or Del.

Click Exit without Saving Changes to get out of the bios.

Another way to check the operation of the drive is to use a live Linux cd or other bootable disk. The laptop would have to be set to boot from the cd/dvd drive in the bios before booting from the hard drive. Boot order can be changed if need be. If you do need to change the boot order, you’d have to Save Changes when you exit the bios.

Another option would be to use a usb flash drive. They aren’t all that expensive. All you have to do is plug it into a usb port on the laptop and move files onto it. It might need to be formatted first, in which case you plug it in, find the new drive in My Computer, right click on the icon for this new flash drive and choose format.