Old software and a new burner--will it work?

I jsut bought (have not yet opened, pending comments here) a Liteon SOHW 1673SW (external) burner. Becuase it’s USB I may run it at 8X so as not to overwhelm my Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor. I’m using XP Home.

I currently have the following software on my computer: Sonic Record Now! 6.0; DVD Shrink 3.2; DVD Dycrypter; DVDFabExpress; IMGBurn; I Copy DVDs2 (unpatched–the patch had to be uninstalled after it killed the splash screen for other software); DVD X Copy Platinum (I use it for scratched discs); 123 DVD Copy (used only for ripping since it’s not compatible with the burner in my computer); WinOnCD5; Deepburn Portable; and NTI CD-Maker 6 Platinum (never worked very well).

Will any of these work with a Liteon SOHW 1673SX? Liteon includes include Nero Express and I have Nero 7 Ultra to install, but I’m holding off on that until after I apply the Windows XP SP2 patch, which I’m just a little bit worried about. If the older software works I’d jsut leave Nero off my computer because of conflicts with some of the above-mentioned software, which I can still use with the installed HP 300c burner.

What’s your experience, if you have a Liteon 1673?

Thanks for your comments.


If you install your new LiteOn, there’s a chance you won’t need DVD X Copy Platinum, since the LiteOn will very likely read the scratched discs very well - they’re excellent readers.

Other than that, you can keep what you want. :slight_smile:

she does love her lite-ons… shes making me think about buying one

You know you want to :bigsmile:

You mean, the other software will (probably) work? Judging from googled comments that seem to have come out when the burner was new, this model seems to be just about a year old, and I’ve downloaded DVD FabDecrypter and IMG Burn since then, but DVD X Copy is ancient and I think DVD Shrink is about the same vintage.