Old school rip, N.O.L.F which method (safedisc, secure? etc?)

Hi guys I need a hand :frowning:

I’m trying to rip a copy of my legit NOLF disc and I don’t know which copy protection method it uses :frowning:

I’ve got a Pioneer 108 or NEC 3500a at my disposal as well as alcohol 120% but I can’t figure out the best method to rip it - it’s getting all these nasty disc read errors - won’t that mean that the final iso is stuffed?

Or if I do burn a backup I’ll need a no cd crack but the data files will be intact? - no pops or clicks in audio or damaged textures?


Stupid copy protection.

Ok I ripped it in “safedisc” mode in alcohol 120% and got errors for the first 10,000 sectors. (took maybe 40 minutes?)

Then the rest it ripped quickly.

I then installed from the image using daemon tools, patched the game to the latest version and ran it - no problems - but I still want to be sure I’m doing the right method of ripping in alcohol :frowning: - I’d hate to get 1/2 way through and have to dig up my old discs.


The first NOLF being protected with safedisc you are doing it right, and you burner can burn a perfect copy.

Just for future reference if you ever need to identify the used Copy Protection ondisc then A-Ray Scanner should be your first consideration.

Good Luck.

those disc read errors are the copy protection. most likely safedisc.