Old School Chat Verbal Attacks

Has anyone been around long enough to remember when attacking people on chat was the “in” thing to do? It’s hilarous looking back on those days (I wish I had logs). In the old days, death threats were routine as the computer world was not “real” so you could say/do whatever you wanted. I guess in this day and age you can’t even remotely tell people what I used to say.
I remember saying stuff about “I’ve had it with you, so I’m grabbing a shotgun and going to your house and I’m going to kill everyone there before you get home from school so you find their bloody corpses.” I loved that stuff…Especially if someone was good you could keep the insults going for awhile. Now people idle on chatlines (IRC) and the whole chat world is full of losers (but many more WOMEN which ain’t a bad thing).


Guess some people got scared after the insane president told the world he’d be attacking any terrorist :slight_smile:

Some of those chats were pretty cool indeed , but constant bashing of people gets annoying as well

in example, the isonews forums, where everyone talks about how l33t they are. soooooo lame.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ll try and poison your soda for you. :smiley:

Hey Guys,

If you are looking for nice places to insult, abuse and in general be an arsehole go to the C&C Renegade forum here:


I have never in my life met and read so much abuse by so many people over absolutely nothing.

I have read hate messages going over 100’s of threads and responses and when I asked why everyone was abusing this guy they started on me. I asked why they were so hate filled and all I got back was stuff like “You dumb fuck, you are such a n00b llama bitch” and much much worse. This had me puzzled as I only asked why everyone was abusing this guy :confused:

Don’t go there anymore and never will again…way too much hate there. :slight_smile: