Old question new asker lol (dvd bitrates)

I downloaded a dvd from the net and am trying to put it on to dvd ,however,no matter how many times i try i can, seem to get any sound on the dvd … i downloaded ac3,tmpgenc dvd author, i have tried nero vison xspress , nero vision xspress will burn the dvd but no sound and when it plays it seems to “stop/start” i supose jumpy is a better way to describe it , i tried using tmpgenc author that keeps telling me that the combined bitrate of the audio and video exceeds the maxiun rate for a standard dvd how do i change this? also when i tried to copy the dvd to harddrive thro tmpgenc it keeps coming up with a streaming error ???
i,m a total newb at this stuff so keep it simple and in a form i can understand :slight_smile: :bow: thanks in advance

Eeeek. Nobody on these forums does that, so your post will probably be either deleted or locked.
If a friend gave you an original DVD because it would not play on any of his players, and it was purchased abroad so can’t be returned, then you might ask how to re-encode it …

I assume this friend’s DVD is already in the .VOB/.BUP/.IFO format, or is it a raw MPEG2 program stream?

Uninstall Nero Vision Express, all your codecs & your DVD player utility and install the latest K-LITE codec pack and WinDVD with Dolby Ditital & DTS enabled

no need to say it is a friends, he never said the dvd was illegaly downloaded, not all dvds are copyrighted.

have you tried installing a AC3 Filter then playing the dvd

ben :slight_smile:


Of course, foolish of me to jump to the wrong conclusion :bow:

I was asking whether the DVD structure was already present in the file, as the approach varies from there how to tackle it.

I am fortunate in having a Vidac Vmagic hardware encoder which can transcode any video file you throw at it, but I still use software techniques for some files, so just need a bit more info…

the files are in vts and bup so where do i go from here ?? :bow: :o
thanks in advance

Download the trial of VideReDo and open one of the .VOB files. If it does not have any sound then you have a seriously faulty file, as this editing app can cope with AC3, MP2 and LPCM audio.

If you do have sound then use the same app to strip out the MPEG2 streams from all vobs, stitch them together then re-author with your favourite DVD authoring app.