Old PlexWriter RW 4/2/20 & Windows XP


I’m having problems making XP detect it…in Device manager it says “USB controller” and can’t remember what have I done to make it work with my previously installed Windows XP. (the problem occured after OS re-install and I forgot how to make it work again)

I was looking for drivers or something like that, but for this old dancer all I could find was a firmware upgrade.

Anyone can help me with this one?



install aspi, use forceaspi and it should work

Before you ask, you can download ForceAspi via one of these Google links.

Thx guys! I’ll give it a try!


Installing ASPI layers didn’t do the job. The Windows were booting a LOT longer and the only thing that’s changed now is in my Device Manager under “SCSI and RAID Controllers” I have this “LSI Logic 53C810 Device”. I tried installling some drivers from ASUS mobo CD but it also didn’t change much.

I don’t know what to do next…


Your Plex is a scsi writer and is hook onto a scsi controller.

Is the “LSI Logic 53C810 Device” marked with yellow or as working. If you have drivers for your scsi controller use them.

When the pc boot the scsi controller must find your scsi drive.

Originally posted by tf52
[B]Your Plex is a scsi writer and is hook onto a scsi controller.

Is the “LSI Logic 53C810 Device” marked with yellow or as working. [/B]

Mark with yellow. I assume you’re referring to mobo drivers or?


Is LSI Logic 53C810 marked with a yellow dot in Device Manager under “SCSI and RAID Controllers”. If marked with a yellow dot you have to install the correct driver for it.

When you boot does your scsi controller find your plex writer.

It could be a driver problem if xp don’t recognice the scsi controller correct.

Originally posted by jbv

When you boot does your scsi controller find your plex writer.

Nope. My mobo detects only my WD hard disk and DVD rom, although I think in BIOS I can enable SCSI device as “Other devices” but it doesn’t change anything.


Unless your motherboard have onboard scsi controller, you can enable it motherboard bios. The boot " boot other device" is only if you want to boot from your scsi. You probably will have a pci scsi controller in a pci slot.

This card will detect all scsi devices conneted to it. Windows must have a driver for this scsi controller before windows can detect dvices plugged to the controller. Windows seems to detect an LSI Logic 53C810 Device as your scsi contoller, but is the controller working correct. If there a yellow mark, the drivers are wrong.

Try to remove the LSI Logic 53C810 Device in the device manager and reboot.

I can’t find this LSI Logic 53C810 Device from LSI homepage.

Link here

Guys, the problem is solwed. How? I put some CD into my Plextor and it got detected by Windows XP.:rolleyes:

In all this freakin’ time I never thought of putting CD in it would make Windows ‘catch’ the device. I was desperate and just for fun I inserted some CD and there u go - “New hardware found”.

Sometimes the most effective solution is the most simple one. I learned this today.:bigsmile:


Weird, but glad to hear you solved your problem Breadfan!

The Twilight Zone continues: out of the sudden (although I made no changes to hardware) it stopped working and for the LSI Device in Device Manager says “This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use”, and eventhough I disabled tons of stuff in order to free resources (CD ROM, ISDN CARD, FLOPPY etc) it didn’t do the trick.

Someone has a hammer so I can see how hard is my hardware?:stuck_out_tongue:


I still have my SCSI PX - 4/2/20 in another PC at home.

Works fine with XP and XP+SP1

Although, I am using an Adaptec 2930CU card with the native XP drivers.

If I recall correctly, at one time in the past I had an old ‘Symbios 810’ SCSI card and the PX-4/2/20 would not work with this card. O/S was Win98 at the time…

Might want to try another SCSI card…
That will probably fix it