Old Pioneer A05 Region Locked



It has been changed 5 times, stuck on Region 1 when i want it on region 4. The thing is, it was already stuck on region 4 with 0 changes, but i installed firmware and i was given an extra change. So i assumed it would always say i have 1 change left regardless of how many times i change it. LOL. Nope, its stuck. I guess i was a little wreckless because the drive is so ancient. I guess its not a fuss if there isn’t a solution to this, as now i wont ever have to stress about changing the region anymore (i have an 11D that will always stay region 4), but if theres a way i can fix up this little problem it’d be sweet.

thanks in advance


It is LOCKED. You cannot reset that, only the manufacturer could do that.
It will remain so whatever firmware you flash to it.



Oh well, atleast dvd burners are so cheap these days i can easily replace it. What happens if i had of flashed it when it had like, 5 changes left?


The region should only change ONCE, unless you muck around with it for no good reason. You should have just used region-unlocked firmware to make the region 0, and then you could have played anything.