Old PC stuff



Clearing out my closet I found some interesting old PC parts and other computers related stuff:

IBM WD-380-S 80 MB HDD :clap:

Sony CDU948S SCSI-2 4x CD-R burner

Apple CD600i 4x SCSI CD-ROM

some 5,25" floppies


Some more floppies

Some Amiga 3,5" DD floppies

A mouse for Amiga 500


And Quickshot (:bow:) and Turbo (:Z) joysticks

Plus I have found some less interesting stuff like 3Com and Genius 10 mbps ISA LAN cards, Crystal ISA sound card, a lot of 1-8 MB Ram modules, etc.
I will take almost all those stuff to the local recyclation company tommorow. R.I.P.


to some of my old stuff: But my Apple IIe has a number keypad and 1Mb Ram card, Laser 128 went to my X and The G3 was upgraded and runs OSX


Do you neeed a couple of Disc Caddys for that Sony Drive?

Or if you need any smaller drives I just found a milk
crate of 10Meg HDD’s

Or how about a 12X Panasonic 5-disc CD ROM Drive?

Or A Pioneer CD-ROM drive that takes TWO six Disc CD changer magazines?