Old Panas. DVD RAM Drive LF-D101M

Working on a 911 emergency system :cop: voice recording device. Computer had a massive failure, have replaced motherboard, etc. Problem is in using the Panasonic 5.2 GB DVD-RAM drive, model LF-D101M. Original system is NT, the drive is formatted with FAT (not FAT32), interface is SCSI. This is all part of the Dictaphone brand Freedom call recording system, which is no longer supported.

Downloading drivers from Panasonic doesn’t work. :sad: System will play audio from the DVD-RAM, but will not read data files. This is the problem, because the software used to write the audio files is proprietary Dictaphone. Still have the software, so if we could read the data files, we would be able to listen to the recordings.

I’m thinking that the DVD-RAM drive has itself been damaged; others think that we just don’t have the correct drivers. So, I’m trying to find a DVD-RAM drive using FAT (not FAT32), hopefully Panasonic, and really hopefully same model, LF-D101. Any suggestions on where to find one, or any other suggestions on how to get existing equipment to work, would be appreciated.

This is Dave Meagher 859-514-6506 and precisedigital.com and meagherbb@hotmail.com. Worked on and sold the Freedom with the early drives for years and years. Best bet is to dump the DVD drives and archive to HD, or replace (and I have the next generation machine avail. for in the $10,000 range (or many lease for $300 a month or so). If I can help call me. Dave