Old optical device

I seem to remember about 10 years back having some disc writer what I think was called a Hammer Drive or Hammer Disc, or something like that. I can’t find anything on Google so I might have the wrong name. Anyway, it was an external device that was about the same size (and probably weight) of a battery backup. It used 650 MB mini-disc looking cartridges, but with the little squares that are on DVD-RAMs. The interface was SCSI and it needed its own power and an ISA SCSI card. There was a little plastic door on it similar to some tape backups and electronic eject. Does anyone have or know what this device is? I was trying to find out about it and I thought I was losing my mind :doh: :confused:

Not the Old Panasonic thing, was it, that had 650MB cartridges and was also a CD-ROM?

Nope, it just had the cartridges I believe. If you or anyone happens to own something that’s close to the description, could you post a photo of it? I’d know it if I saw it but since I’m not sure I have the right name I can’t find any info about it. Thanks though