Old NR7800A vs NR7800B



I know that this drives slightly outdated :bigsmile: , but anyone can discribe the differences?

And anybody knows about firmware updates for NR7800B (currently uses v1.01)?

Please-please-please :bow: :bigsmile:


Firmware update 10DA for NEC NR-7800A
Only for drives in Dell Computers.

What is the difference between the NR-7800A and NR-7800B?


I don’t know whether they are the same drives, but take a look at


Best of luck keeping the old one updated :slight_smile:

Edit: May be readers, not writers, sorry. Try

http://www.cdfreaks.com/drive/343 or http://www.cdfreaks.com/drive/firmware/564


But in readme.txt from v1.33 firmware:
Usage procedure for flash utility for NR-7800A (do not use firmwareupdate for NR-7800B!)
In other words, drives uses incompatible firmwares, isn’t it?
And, again, any hacked firmware loaders available?

Very interesting… :wink:

BTW, thanks alot…