Old Nero with new drive, HELP


I bought a new cd rw drive recently and it comes with Nero Express 6 (ver.6.3) OEM. Naturally OEM means that it is not full featured as the retail version.

I still have an older version of Nero Burning Rom 5 (version OEM. Using this version I was much more used to the interface and it also had more options than the new Nero Express 6.

:eek: My Question: Is it possible to use the old version in the new drive I bought?? :eek:

I tried and it kept showing my recorder as an image recorder, so could not do any writing. Than I used the new Nero Express 6 and I could write. My question still remains the same though…

thank you.

Try to update Nero from to
Link: http://www.nero.com/eng/nero-up_vor.php

Some of the earlier OEM versions would only work with the specific CD writer they were supplied with. Obviously a pain.
Personally I’d remove the version & install the newer one. You might even be able to update to the current version from Ahead.

got an update for us ? i’m curious as well, to know if is even capable of burning DVDs – or is 6.x required.

nevermind - the answer is NO - so 6.x is necessary
i trust Matth’s opinion, even though another mentioned the info

Don’t know where Nero 5.5 gives up, not found anything as useful as a drive/version support list on their site, or if there is one, it’s well buried!

There have been a right mishmash of options from the old 5.0 OEM with printed key number, which seemed to upgrade to 5.5 and work with any drive with mild OEM restrictions (no crossfade, and a few other odds and ends missing), to the Bundled version with drive restrictions - with no printed key (embedded on disk), it’s certain to be drive restricted.

Then in version 6, judging by the vast numbers of OEM versions being sold, it seems they are not drive-locked, ether that, or a lot of people will end up very unhappy!

It’s not up to date though.


well - from that previous link i posted, in which you replied matth, i loaded my serial number into Nero’s site - and the result is;

(btw - i had oem, and updated to, before entering S/N)

for $40 - i (anyone with 5.x) can get Nero 6 Reloaded (is that the Matrix ver ? :slight_smile: )…AND get 7.x for FREE when released (7.0 available now ? soon ? - i last heard 10/28 for 7.0)

BTW - do you still recoommend CDBurnerXP ? – i see DeepBurner has a very limited trial ver

If they still have the 5.5 OEM to 6.x and 7 upgrade for that price, I’d say take it!

I thought the deals had already gone down to 6.x to 7.

Deepburner free is limited, but no more limited than before the pro version came out.


  • might be worth a look, though despite saying free and unlimited use, some say it links to a trial version - there is also some confusion - picturing the 2.0 seems to be “artistic licence”, as the 2.0 is the try/buy version from their main site - this says 1.4 - worth a look - the screenshot reminds me of Smartstart!

thanks …I suppose i should search - but do you know if Nero “Reloaded” is an entire “Full Retail Suite” (no OEM limitations ?) and if the latest updated 6.6.x.x ?? version?


The naming is a mess - and do not trust any descroptions - assume any “too cheap to be true” version is either OEM or pirate, and if paying normal price, get from a trusted supplier.

Watch for store and rebate offers, though on V6.6, it appears they tweaked the terms of the free upgrade to disqualify you, though I breated a sigh of relief when I got an “accepted” on mine, since PC World had halved the normal price … we don’t get mail in rebates in the UK, never have done - wonder if there’s some daft law that bans it, or makes it too awkward to do.

it figures (shakes fist at all silly naming conventions)…

thanks for your info and time. I’ll definitely look into all the details before purchasing - as i usually do that anyway