Old mods dying?

:bigsmile: Just kidding but it seems alot of new mods showing up these days. What happened to the older (original) mods? They are still listed as mods.

You noticed that pretty well. We are in the fortunate position that we have a lot of long time staff members who are consistent factor on our forums. However all work done on our forums is a voluntary job which means that in many lives it has less priority than family, paid day jobs etc. which is of course understandable and therefore the CD Freaks work is often put aside first.

Troughout the nearly 10 years we are online we have hardly changed a thing to our internal structure but recently we made some drastic changes. This also means we now have a policy in place for inactive moderators and protocols to initiate new moderators. This is done to ensure we keep an overview but also to make sure that the size of our staff is big enough to keep the forum clean and safe.

Actually right now you should find that most of the moderators that are listed are active and else they have given us a good reason to be inactive for a while. We appreciate everyone that works for the site and want to be loyal to those who work hard everyday on our forums and will not easily remove their status.

On the other hand, we are also in the fortunate position that we have a lot of skilled members to pick from if we need new staff members. All of them go trough a certain ‘probabation period’ to see if they fit in the team, and understand what kind of work is involved. Usually picked from members who proofed themselves. So new names should usually be well know names in a new position.

rolling56 you certainly know how to shock someone into reading your posts.

“old mods dying?”

Old Mods never die - they just moderate at a higher forum!!

Hehe, “The Great Forum in the Sky” :bigsmile:

Is it a “Pink Floyd” quote? :stuck_out_tongue:


Drat…busted :bigsmile:

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[B]LOL[/B]! :bigsmile:

Thanks for your time to reply. I figured as much most of what you explained. Noticed recently (past 6 months) alot of new mods where popping up.

Long live all past,present,and new mods :clap: