Old Memorex DVD+R senile and won't read HL2 DVD

I’ve had the Memorex 4x2.4.x.2.4 DVD+RW for about 2 years now (back in the day I paid $220 and the kitchen sink for it), and it’s held up just fine until recently, burning DVD+Rs and playing DVDs.

Now, it will not read DVD movies (of the dual-layer nature) and it will not read the Half Life 2 disc (which is a source of much displeasure :frowning: ). It also will not read PS2 DVDs. When it attempts to mount such disks, it tries until it times out. This happens as far back as boot-time, so I know it isn’t a Windows problem. I also flashed my firmware to the latest version, that didn’t help either.

It does everything else perfectly fine.

Now, I do have an nVidia nForce2 chip on my motherboard, and I did read this forum’s sticky about how such a thing could be a problem, but it didn’t provide any hardware-level tricks to get around this. After all, it isn’t exactly replaceable.

So, my question is: Is there a way to get around this, or should I just buy the new NEC drive and get on with it? I really don’t want to spend more money on this, though; I’m going broke.

Anyone who explains why my drive stopped reading DVD movies gets is :cool:
Anyone who saves me from buying a new drive gets a :bow:

P.S. It just occured to me that it might be that region-checking is dead and so regioned-discs are rejected. I forced the region to Region 1, but that didn’t help. Still, could it be broken?

It might just need lens cleaning.
But buy a new drive - just get on with it.

I recommend the BenQ DW-1620 over the NEC. Auto bitsetting on +R out of the box and quality scanning capabilities.