Old liteon binary firmware for sony 16x & 24x


looking for binary firmwares for upgrading a sony 16x (crx1611) & 24x to liteon.

thanks all of u.


You want to convert a CRX1611 and a CRX175E1 to their respective Lite-ON models? Just flash with Lite-ON firmware.

ya i tried using the dos version of mtkflash for crx1611 - but its not working.

when i tried to read the firmware - its hangs after displaying the authors name

Since the CRX1611 is an OEM LTR-16101B it will not work with mtkflash and you cannot make a backup of your current firmware. You can flash with pflash though.

this is nasty stuff… i have been learing since school…“always backup” :bigsmile:

anyways, thanks a lot.


i want to flash sony crx 1611

which one should i use ?

Liteon LTR-16101B (TS0W)

Liteon LTR-16102B (OS0K)

i know it sunds kinda dumb…but can i flash back to sony ?

Since it is an OEM LTR-16101B, you would use LTR-16101B firmware. You cannot flash back to Sony firmware since you cannot make a backup. Do not convert unless you are having problems.

is it possible for reading the firmware by writing a c or assembly level program.

do :
IN [portno.]
routine to write ax contents into a file

original crx1611 is giving zillions of c2 errors :frowning:

should i upgrade to liteon ??

I have this burner, too. I flashed it to LTR-16101B

you´ll need the dos flasher incl. the firmware (the Liteon Windows flasher wont work, u cannot use pflash also since there is no bin available for this Writer)

such a flasher is only available for two older firmware versions … but if you flash it to one of these, you will be able to update to the latest version using the LiteOn Win Flasher…