Old hardrive

My main computer went bust, I think the motherboard went. How can I get all the data off the hardrive onto my new computer? I have a IDE to USB adaptor but I think there is a permission thing on the hardrive that will only allow admins on the bust computer gain access.

As long as it’s not encrypted, any admin can get it. If it’s a private folder, like My Documents, you will need to take ownership.

simelar problem.mobo took a sh@t!!!would like to get pics & stuff off hdd & i’ve got external enclosure.pluged in & reconizes but admin wont let me in!!i tryed to navigate to admin user & main user but it says access denied!! isnt there a simple way(or atleast some one can explain) help!! on a side note ,can i possiby ms-config it as my primary & mabie boot from?? I know I’ve seen simelar explained herebut cant seem to find with search.help

Like I said, you must have admin priviliges. If it’s private, you must take ownership. See the above link.

I should have said this applies to XP pro, with NTFS. I’m not sure about XP home, or FAT.

why thanks steve b, hopefully this will get me what I’m after.I can see the folder but cant accesss like i said. will try later after dinner.
just wanted to respond & thank you for your help.

ON FAT permissions cannot be enforced so he surely uses NTFS