Old Hard drives gallery

Brings back memories, don’t it? :bigsmile:


Brings back memories, don’t it?

Only if you’re about a zillion years old, like you. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to be old to appreciate classics!:slight_smile: Some of these are too old for me, I never had an XT/AT (though I’ve played with some). My first x86 comp was an AMD 386 (40MHz yes!!!) and a 40MB drive, good times.

i have one of the old TM262’s, its actually one marked as Western Digital. indeed a whole 20mb. still works too.

Somebody forgot to mention how freaking loud these old HDs are. People using today’s HD would thing they have a faulty HD or something.

Seagate ST 157A … my first harddisk…

(wipes a tear away)

It was good , it was loud , it was 40 megabytes. It was HUGE !
It needed to be parked before shutting down MS-DOS 4.

What’s a gigabyte ?

Oh, that brings back memories.

My first HD was an 10 MB !!! XT/AT and it was so loud, it sounded like popping popcorn, while reading/writing.

Found some old drives too; the two ST-157A’s will probably bring a big smile to Mr. Belvedere’s face :wink: Let’s put those in RAID and double the noise! :stuck_out_tongue:

The CDROM drive is a Mitsumi 1x drive from April 1993; quite an exotic tray mechanism :wink:


Mitsumi 1 speed. My first computer cd player. Bought one 4th hand (3 times 2nd hand) for 50 guilders (around $20 i think) back in those days.

I do believe it’s still working. I sold it to a friend of mine and he sold it as well to a friend of him.

Remember that cool interface card that came with it ? :slight_smile:

wipes another tear away

A little game perhaps (or should this be posted in the living room?)
Anyway, does anyone know what this is? picture2 and picture3 .


  • ISA
  • “Dual Layer” board :wink:
  • Large
  • it says “intel” somewhere on the board
  • I didn’t post a picture from the connectors at the back yet, because that would make it way easier (if nobody guesses it, I’ll post some other pics :))
  • the old harddrive on the pictures is for “support” only :wink:

After careful consideration with some a colleague we come to the conclusion it must be a videocard with bnc connector.

those days you could actualy see what you payed for

Nope, it’s not a videocard :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Wannez
Nope, it’s not a videocard :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me this is one of the first Network Interface Cards ?

I always thought they came with an IBM plug as well.

Waiitt a minute … a soundcard or tv card perhaps… :bigsmile:

Though i seriously doubt it’s a tv card

Hmmm you are getting close with that TV-card Mr.B :bigsmile:

a radio card??

Originally posted by Wannez
Hmmm you are getting close with that TV-card Mr.B :bigsmile:

Well it could be a video editing card, but I wouldn’t be surprised as this is a RAID CPU card (mainframe technology from the 70’s I believe)…

:bow: Dee-ehn, congrats mate, it’s a capture board :slight_smile:

Intel Smart Video Recorder to be exact (the right one in the table; look at the min. specs ;))

I fairly admit, that I never got it to work :slight_smile: (no time and no drivers :))

im working on recovering data from the one in the bottom right for my dad @ the moment :P. lotta nostalgia, along with the intel 486 running it.

I’ve got an interesting piece of old hardware too:

  1. It’s blue
  2. It’s full length PCI.
  3. You’ve probably never seen the connector before.
  4. I’ve seen it being sold used for over $1000.
  5. I found it in an old Compaq Pentium PRO 200MHz.
  6. It was shown at Comdex in November of '97, same year as the first Voodoo2 based videocard from Creative Labs.

I regret that this picture may make it’s function readily obvious…but perhaps not. This is actually a different card, not as good as the one I found.

Also found that telex machine I posted a while ago, and once I saw a hard drive the size of a washing machine that was still less than 1MB:)