Old games not using DVD on S-ATA in Win2000

I’ve tried a lot . But the essence is that my S-ATA Maxtor 160 GB (8MBcache) on my MS-865PE NEO2-FIS2R with ASUS DVD E-616 and Plextor 504A DVD+R as masters on IDE0 and IDE1 isn’t any good for my Call to Power - series !

I’m running Win2000 SP4 (and IE6SP1) and it is not possible to update the hardware / software more … Though I can install the games perfectly , they don’t read the DVD-drives . I’ve had no problems playing Civ3 & PTW .

Palit Ti4200 AGP4 128MB / 2,4GHzPentium4c (FSB800MHz) / 2 x 512 MB Samsung PC2700 DDR / Antech 380 watt / SoundBlaster Live Platinum .

By the way I’m running in Native mode (2 S-ATAs + 4 P-ATAs) and this S-ATA harddisk is nearly as quick as Raptor - at some points much better ! (But Raptor2 should be OK …) :wink:

Can anybody help me or give me hints , since this is probably related to the S-ATA ?

I don’t think the problem is SATA related, because SATA is supposed to work just like P-ATA (compatibility).