Old Freecom Classic External CDRW

Have had to move from XP to W7 on a new PC. Attached all of my external drives and all work. My trusty old Freecom Classic External CDRW which only burns at 1,2 or 4 speed is not supported by W7. Contacted Freecom and they were unable to help at all. Really need this drive to work as low speed means the Disks always play in the car or on the HiFi. Looked all over the internet, but not really confident about Ads that say “Freecom Drivers” etc. Thanks.

Do you get any error messages when the drive is connected?
Usb 2.0 normally works directly without any special optical drive drivers.
If you can’t get it to work however,you can always get the drive out of the enclosure and buy a ide to usb or sata to usb connector (whatever fits the connector on the back of your drive) and run it that way…I have some 2002-2007 ide drives running on my laptop that way…windows 8.1

Hello Roadworker. Perhaps I did not explain too well. The External Burner has a USB cable and attaches fine. When I crank up the PC it says it cannot find a driver for the Freecom. It looks for a while and says it cannot find one. I clicked a link on Microsoft website to look for solution but it did not work. I have the original Floppy disk that says it is for Windows 95/98 and 2000. I have a CD which says Freecom Easy CD Creator and a the proper Manual. I am guessing it is just not compatible with W7. I can connect it to my wifes old Netbook running XP but it is a pain. Thank you for trying to help. PabloMarron

If you really want to keep it in that enclosure,maybe you can try the XP driver…or open the enclosure to see who the real manufacturer is of that drive (Freecom mostly rebrands drives) and try to find drivers on their support pages…:slight_smile: