Old Files that can't be opened!

A good friend of mine dropped off his computer because he was having problems. To make a long story short, I was able to get it going but a few of the programs do not work. I believe the registry is missing the information to get these programs to work.
Envoy & Word Perfect no longer work. As a result, the following documents can’t be opened. Here is the list of Document files:
[.NTX, .DBF, .MEM, .FRM, .DBT, .NIX, .DNA].
I was able to use Microsoft Office “Word” to recover the “Word Perfect” Files [WPD] but other than that I’m left with the rest of the information that I need to get fixed. I’m thinking that Microsoft “Excel” & “Access” can open the above mentioned Documents listed.
He no longer has the “Coral” Program Disc, I have most of the Programs he had, re-installed back to where they needed to be but I’m stumped.
He has not backed up his work. He think’s that just backing up any “Update’s” example: [Work on house#3] to USB & Disc’s. So when I return the computer this week, he’ll be dead in the water.
If anyone can help me out here, it would really help.
But here is one thing that I’ve found: Sometimes his screen will go Black with No Signal. I removed the memory from a “Free” upgrade I did 3 months ago & I think that I took care of it. I’m hoping that the problems he is/was having is because of hardware changes. I also think that the App drivers were really never loaded properly. Here is his Board, memory & Graphics Card, along with what I loaded on the computer & Software:
Windows XP Home Edition [updated on 1/18/2011 with all updates] So he’s current.
Asus- X-Series: A7V8X-MX-UAYZ [A7V8X-MX]
Asus 8x’s AGP Card: V-356.
Memory: 1 sided 256mb x’s 2: Kingston.
Program I installed: Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition;
Thanks & look forward to some educated help. Dan I’m not a “Newbie” but I sure feel like one:bow:

You might be able to open some of them with Open Office. IIRC they support a lot more file types than M$oft does.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2571075]You might be able to open some of them with Open Office. IIRC they support a lot more file types than M$oft does.[/QUOTE]
I was wondering about open office. I know one of the files is actually from where he works. I think that one is a [form] blank that was created for the sheriffs dept. Most of the others are personal. I’ll try to download open office. I’m not sure if I need to get an earlier version since the newer the app, they usually are back words compatible. I don’t think that it will interfere with Microsoft Office 2007. He called me & mentioned the version at work was Windows 2002. I think he meant Office 2002 but 2007 should work. If he has problems I’ll install Office 2002 which is also a Corporate edition [Full Edition] because he may already know how to use that one. Thanks for your reply.
One thing I should do is see if Excel & Access will help. He needs to be up to date with the software anyways. I mean working with software from 1996-98 is so out of date that I think he’ll be happy to see how easy the newer stuff is.

If "Open Office " works, I’ll post it. You don’t know how helpful this will be. He told me that he doesn’t want me to spend my retirement working on this computer. I’m not sure if he even needs the older files but if he is still using the updated floppy’s & USB files, he will need something to open them with. I’m just glad that he knows Office Word because that is what he uses at work. Thanks again, Dan

[.NTX, .DBF, .MEM, .FRM, .DBT, .NIX, .DNA].
This looks like database stuff (Dbase, Foxpro,…) Some of these seem to be “index” files, some others are the plain data tables. Perhaps you can import them into a spreadsheet software.