Old DVD backups worthless in some new DVD players

I just posted the article Old DVD backups worthless in some new DVD players.

When you think you’ve made a perfect backup of your discs, with a nice label on it working on all your DVD players and safely guarded from your kids, then you might want to check each of them with…

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Must be the same CPRM flag, which is set by most of the standalone DVD recorders when you record copyright flagged digital or analog content and it makes the disc unplayable with certain players. No big deal.
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My Samsung HTIB does that with my friend’s DVDs. It says “PLAY PROHIBITED PLEASE CHECK DISC.” I though it was his DVDs (even though he uses Verbatim and booktypes to -ROM) so I re-ripped his movies then re-burned them with my media and drive, and now the new copies play fine. About 10 of his DVDs have done this and were fixed by re-ripping and burning with a different drive. I wonder if it has something to do with the burner…

So - why wouldn’t folks just return the malfunctioning Samsung home theater box and buy something that works properly?

^ Because it isn’t malfunctioning. It’s doing what it’s designed to do. :r

^ - That just makes it defective by design.

I can add that the Samsung HT-X35 and the HT-X25 systems also respond with the “PLAY PROHIBITED PLEASE CHECK DISC” message. Looks like most of the new line will show this message.

I plan to buy this system at Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, Costco, wherever it is available. And return it as BROKEN at each location for a full refund. I won’t pay for this nonsense, THEY will.

I have found that a quality writer is always better than a “DEAL”, purchase quality first even if the latest bells and whistles are not provided, the reason for bells and whistles is to provide buying pressure, not stability. Purchasing HD drives prior to the development of a standard was foolish, and now you pay for it. Remember VHS vs. BETA, or the larger laser disks that first came out with platters as big as LP’s, if you still have the tapes or disks you can enjoy antiquity, if not they make great anchors. Stick with Quality