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Hi. Relatively new to this scene (“DVDs”), but catching up quickly. ANYWHO… just upgraded the NEC ND-2510a on my primary workstation to a ND-3520a with stock firmware. Burns are excellent using Prodisc… but looking for alternative media sources, trying to get the best bang for my buck.

(1) With these new burners, is it still the same “rule of thumb”: slower burn, better burn? Should I be lookin g at 4x media rather than the 8x media I am currently using?

(2) I hear good things regarding Prodisc, but better reviews regarding Taiyo Yuden discs. But I also know that not all TY manufactured discs go by the same trademark. Someone pointed out this link to me yesterday, apparently with the ATIP code of “TYGO2”… anyone have any advise regarding "buy}/“no buy” for this media? What I should look out for (in this case and in general)? Oh… and they noted that the supply was manufactured in Taiwan… does that bear any significance whatsoever?


[b]Manufactured Code[/b] : Taiyo Yuden
[b]Media Type[/b] : DVD-R
[b]Package[/b] : 50P CakeBox * 2 Pieces
[b]Capacity[/b] : 4.7GB / 120MIN
[b]Polycarbonate[/b] : High Quality
[b]Support Speed[/b] : 1X - 8X 
[b]Design[/b] : No Printing 

And yes, mostly movie burns… occasional data burns. Don’t care about speed of burn, really… just want to be able to play them on standard DVD players (3 Sony tabletop players). If its a good burn, I don’t mind the wait! :iagree:

TIA, all!

In answer to your first question, it is not always true that slower will burn beter. In some cases with high quality media you can burn faster than the rated speed and get exelent burns. I burn ricohjpnr01 (4x media) at 8x all the time. On my liteon 851s@832s it actually burns them beter at 6x than at 4x (but the diffrences are so small that I just burn them at 8x now). Burning 8x media at 8x gives just as good of results as burning 4x media at 4x.
In answer to your second question, ty media is made in japan so those are probably fakes. I would avoid them. Try reading some of the threads in the bargain basment forum to find good deals on media.

Look here for some good and bad quality and who makes what

I recomend Ridata (ricohjpnR01) look here this is the best price I have found sometimes there is a $10 rebate as well http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-132-344&depa=0

You guys rock! Excellent sources and great advise… I love forums, and it looks like I’ll be frequenting this quite often. =)

Thank you!


I have two NEC 3500 and have been using Prodisc, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell 8x -R’s for 100’s of copies and have had very good to excellent results with all of them.

Good/reliable sources for “A” grade medias at very reasonable prices from www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com or www.newegg.com

BTW - think that you will find that the 8x medias are equal to or lower priced than the 4x


Hey sifr2000…

Damn my Brother ripit and my negative Brother bigmike7,(negative is an inside joke between Mik and Myself) but when I’m through babeling you might get it. Any ways, I too like Mike have 2 NEC 3500’s and a Liteon 1633 which is pretty much just used for testing. Mike uses mainly -R media where as I exclusivley use +R media. This is what I started with and once I found the brand of media that these things like, I’ve had no reason to go -R. I’ve been laid up with a back injury for just shy of a year so I’ve had a ton of time to test different medias out and have finally come down to a solid list of works GREAT for me and my NEC’s. I have a couple of tubs left of 25 Memorex 8X+R’s that may collect some dust. These read out as PRODISC R03 and they are at the bottom of my list for media. For a noobie I strongly suggest you stay away from anything made in Taiwan(OK Mike I’ll tell him:p ) with the exception of Verbatim (and Mike) also Sony D11. Those are the only 2 in my arsenal that I will use and get quality burns. Others include TDK, FUJI, Ritek R03. The FUJI & TDK 100 pks. are YUDEN000T02. I’vee got a 50Pk of TDK.s that are RICOHJPNR02. These are all made in Japan. But beware that TDK’s as of late, have been playing games in their marketing. I’ve found some 50pk. tubs that have had 2 I.D.'s stating where they were made. One was a stick on sticker that says made in Japan. But you can look real close and see right through them (the sticker that is) and it says Made in Taiwan. They’re becoming tricky S.O.B.'s. As I’ve stated, I’ve strictly used +R media. I have 3 Cyberhome stand alone DVD players and 1 Sony. I’ve yet to have a hickup on any of the media that I’ve mentioed except the Memorex PRODISC R03. So if it aint broke, I won’t fix it. I’ll stick with the +R’s. Now when it comes to Mr. negative, bigmike7, he has found just the opposite. He’s had great lick with the -R media. But as you can see from what he said, he uses quality media too. I just like using the +R cuz if needed, I can switch the book type to DVD ROM which is just about a guarantee to work in ANY Player. But as of now, I haven’t had the need to. So I hope this gives you a clue as to where to start and hopefully save you some time and money finding this out the hard way. Welcome to the forum and Happy Burning.



To put Marks (VERY long) comments into perspective - if you use good medias - you will probably get good burns - if you use crap medias - you probably will get crap burns -

-R’s rule with NEC’s!! - IMHO


Hey brother Mike. E-Mail me your phone # A.S.A.P.

-R’s may rule with 3500’s but +R’s ROCK with them.

LOL… this is gonna be WAY fun. Thanks for the input, man… you two are hilarious. Sorta like the Car Guys on the radio. Just without the Bronx accent. :smiley:

But yeah… this runs along the lines of those days when folks put up mod kits for GoVideo products and you could tinker with settings and all that jazz. It just amazes me now, how peole are so willing and able to share information… when, back then, you literally had to DIG to find out…or know someone.

Again, thanks for the superb sources… and as my friend BOOZER would say…

“Let it burn…”
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Hey sifr2000…

You are entirely welcome. And I’m sure I can speak for my negative friend Mike also. But for me, fun and knowledge is what this forum is al about. I’m sick to death of the major cunglomerates screwing the people. It’s just a shame that a bunch of the people here couldn’t start their own mfg. of a computer line cux IMO they have every bit, if not more knowledge than these bone heads at HP that I just paid $100.00 a while back for an extra 1 yr. of warranty. Although I may have been 1 in a million that got there monies worth due to the fact that my HDD took a dump and they did replace it. But it was about as easy as going to the dentist to get it. Far as I’m concerned, I paid this money to sit on hold for hours only to get someone that doesn’t even speak English. And if that’s not a pisser, I don’t know what is. Just wish I had enough time to build my own so I wouldn’t be stuck with the proprietory BS one has to deal with in just about any of the major players units. But enough babeling and I’m glad we could help. Welcome to the forum and come on back again. We’ll try to give you another laugh and hopefully some sound knowledge at the same time for the besst price one can get. FREE works for me.



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Hey Mike…

SShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m trying to quit!!!:bigsmile: