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Okay guys-
I have been using DVDX Platinum for the past 3 years or so, and I know it is an old version because I can’t burn anything new. I recently downloaded DVDFab because I heard of it ease of use. I have a Sony external burner that I hook up to my comp through a USB Port. Okay, so there is my set up, here is my problem: DVDFab 5.0.5 lets me burn a dvd into a temp. folder on my hardrive, and I also burned it to an ISO folder (I have no clue what that is); but, when I put in a blank dvd to create a backup disc, its says that no media is present. I thought ideally I would be able to put the Movie in the D: drive, and the blank disc in the Sony Burner and have it directly burn, but it gives me that error message. I am using a generic brand of DVD that has always worked in the past. Its is 4.3G DVD-R. I have spent countless hours trying to get this to work. Am I missing something??? Do I need to get another program??? Thanks for your help!!! :bow:


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Thanks very much!


While you’re waiting for the guys to come on-line, can you tell us what is this generic brand of blank that you’re using…?


I am pretty sure it Memorex, I will have to double check when I get home though…sorry


It looks like I am using Verbatim DVD - R discs with 4.3G or 120 min.


This might help show you the process, Posts #67-74, but please read Post #78.




Wow, its takes that whole process to make a copy of a dvd now??? So I guess I need to go get those other programs then, or am I just really dense and not understanding correctly? Is there any program that I can just put the movie in, have it copy to a temp file, and then put in my blank media and have it burn from the temp file to the blank disc??? Thanks for all your help!!!


That is just what I do, others will do it a different way. It was also for movie only & I like to control as much of the process as I can. The program mentioned first will do what you want, but I will let others talk about that.


hi beef barley,

user already has dvdfab platinum


Please read the link troy provided before posting those links again. We get the message.



you have two drives which will make this alot easier. place your source disc in one drive, place the blank disc in your burning drive. select your source and target. select which dvd to dvd mode you wish to use. i use main movie mode. click next, if using main movie mode just click start. dvdfab will copy the dvd temp folder then automatically open imgburn and start the burn for you.

for more information on the dvdfab settings please read the official guide:

i have some dvdfab video tutorials which may help you out:

dvdfab supports burning with three burning engines. VSO, Nero and ImgBurn. I use and highly recommend using imgburn.

imgburn is very easy to setup:

– download from http://www.imgburn.com/ and install

– change one setting in imgburn
----tools/ settings/ build/ dont prompt image details

– in dvdfab write settings change burn engine to imgburn

the imgburn logs can be found:
help/ imgburn logs


Hi obutrackstud, and welcome to the forum. You have the right program, you dont need anything else, if you need any help the guys here will help you and so will I. Its as easy as pie with DVD Fab V5, any questions you have please feel free to post them. Again welcome to the forum from another “old dog”.:bigsmile::bigsmile:


Please read the link troy provided before posting those links again. We get the message.[/quote]

Please read Post #78. Didn’t realize the OP had Platinum, for that I am sorry. I wasn’t giving the message to anybody but the OP.

Just trying to help.


In addition to Troy’s advice, you can try this to see if it will make your USB drive appear. I have two USB externals and this happens sometimes. Unplug the USB cable from the computer, power down the drive, close DVDFab. Power up the drive, plug in USB cable, put in a blank disc, wait for it to be recognized, then start DVDFab.


Thanks for all of your advice, I am going to give it a whirl right now, cross your fingers!