Old directcd disks

Someone please help me. I have several old directcd disk that were not formatted - IE I just dragged and dropped files onto them. Unfortunately my cd drive died and I had to replace it. new one doesn’t work with directcd!
Now I also baught a new laptop, and with nero, it will read the disk that were formatted properly, but not the others. a friend gave me a copy of isobuster, but it isn’t registered and the tab is grayed out!
Very frustrated! Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Sounds like your friend’s version had time-expired. I suggest to download a new trial version of IsoBuster from here:


sorry to be so late responding, been very busy. No luck with the latest version, registration tab still grayed out! I guess my friends copy wasn’t on the up and up. Now I’m screwed. I have no way to retrieve those files.

Any more ideas? I’m really frustrated.

I suggest if the files are valuable to you then it would be worth paying for IsoBuster. Alternatively you could try CDRoller, for which there is a trial version and which other members have recommended in the past.

Give Isopuzzle a shot, its freeeeeeeeeee


Good Luck :slight_smile: