Old dell optiplex gx100 upgrade

Hi, hope you can help,
I have an old Dell optiplex gx100 466 celeron, I was hoping to overclock & use as an ftp server. The board is capable of running to 800meg (100fsb x8 mult I think ). It is running 66fsb with a 7x multiplier.
There no relevant jumpers anywhere on the mobo & the settings in the bios give no control. Do I need to flash the bios for a different version or is the board/bios capable of identifying the procossor some how?

To make matters worse I found this upgrade kit for my board.


If you look into it they claim1.1gig ish

I know it’s far too much money!

I can’t understand how the hell it is done. If the the fsb & multiplier can be changed why can’t I tweak mine to 100fsb 5x multiplier :sad:

Many thanks in advance