Old CR-ROM Sony CDU 5215 - request firmware



Hello everybody!

I have an old CD-ROM Sony CDU 5215-B2 - MANUFACTERED MARCH 2005 and I need a special firmware to slow down the read speed. I use this unit in a standalone cd player and I need a patched firmware to apply to the unit, because is very noisy when reading the cds.

I download along time ago such a modified firmware for an old another CD-rom unit ( Samsung ) requested by an user with same problem, so so kind a special firmware could be done, I pressume.

I pay via PAYPal a small amount :rolleyes:to somebody who will modified/create such modified firmware, I repeat ONLY reduce the read speed, maybe 4x / 8x could be ok I believe or some utility to select the read speed and apply the patch speed after these settings.

At request I can make a picture or specific specifications for this unit or all the information I can provide to create this special patch/ firmware.

I repeat, I dont use this unit into a PC but I can connect to one, to apply the patch/firmware.

Thank you in advance