Old cheepo media

i have a new pack of 50 DVD-R from years ago… its like 2x speed rated i think.
its generic white discs from some “hot deal” back when dvd burners and media were just gettiung cheap.

anyway this stuff gave me lots of errors and files were lost in the burn so i was wondering if there wasnt some lower capacity format i could use with them or something to make them reliable rather than trashing them.

Hi divxdude,
what is the MID code of these DVDs? You can check it in the Opti Drive Control or DVD Identifier.

they are “Must 001”

[QUOTE=divxdude;2283027]they are “Must 001”[/QUOTE]

These should be a decent quality media (or at least usable), but many drives do not have a firmware support for this MID code.
What drive do you have?

my new one is DH20A3S
i updated it with some modified firmware when i first got it…
havent actually tested it with this media but i can see defects in the media.
the drive i had then was an early NEC.

Could you try to burn one or two pieces and post a KProbe/CD-DVD Speed results here?

ok i just burned 2 discs filled with rars and pars and both verified successfully.
I may have to withdraw my complaint.
My old burner was NEC 2510A i think…must have been buggy.