Old CD's No longer Readable in New System



Big problem…I have a CD case full of old cd’s with software on them that I am trying to use after few years now and they are not readable in my new system. My new system has a Sony DVD-RW and a Sony DVD ROM drive in it and all my old CD’s are not readable in them. I even put these in my laptop with a DVD drive in it and they arent readable. I dig out my old PC with a standard CD drive and a standard CD burner and they ARE readable there. Whats going on??? I even put the CD in the old pc…and with new CD-R’s I burned the software to new cd’s and tried to read those on my new pc…NOTHING! I am using CloneCD …a new version of it…and I still cant read these things? What am I doing wrong? Please help me!


please read my post. Not that it helps, but you are not alone, sorry, all I can say for now



Problem found, I am the dummest, stupiest PC veteran on earth!!!,

it seems like I ow everybody a huuuuge apologee. I finally found out what is wrong and now it’s embarrassing. I still want to shear it with everybody, may be somebody else is as dumm as me (I hope, hate to be alone).

The problem was that I selected the wrong disc drive which had no CD in at all. Dummy me!!! I did not read the head line “select reader”. Anyway, having no disc in this drive at all, only the blamk CD in the writer, I did not get it. May be it would be good that the program recognizes that there is no CD in the reader or the writer was selected with an blank CD in as the reader.

Now I am almost happy. Remains the little problem that with the newest version the “on the fly” copy does not work, after a few seconds the programs is ready with copying without having copied.

I am (almost hopefully) positive that this is now not my fault.

best regards,