Old cdfreaks.com sites no longer exist, why?


I have noticed that several cdfreaks.com sites have ceased to exist, these being “ala42.cdfreaks.com”, “liggydee.cdfreaks.com”, “binflash.cdfreaks.com”, etc. Further investigation shows that “cdfreaks.com” and “myce.com” changed nameservers at the beginning of this month to Cloudflare. Having a look at historical DNS records shows these sites used to resolve to the IP , but attempting to use that IP no longer works (request times out). I can only assume that a recent server move has caused these sites to be left behind. This must be fairly recent as the sites still appear in Google search results at the time of writing. I still on occasion find these sites useful. Is there any intention to restore these sites or are they gone for good? I really hope they weren’t deleted when the server at was shut down!


Yes,that’s very sad.
I can only find these:



Hello guys
Regarding your query about the ala42, liggydee, and binflash sites, and the content they contained.

I would love to be able to tell you that these sites and their content is safe, and that their unavailability is only a short term situation, unfortunately I can’t.

On the 11th of March 2019, the myce.com (cdfreaks.com) site changed ownership. The site is now owned by Danilo de Lira Cortazio, who as far as we know is based in Brazil. Unfortunately the forum staff were not informed about the change of ownership in advance, and therefore did not have the opportunity to make backups of the software tools and firmwares that were available on these sites. However there is some good news, posted by Liggy below.

The ala42 M.C.S.E. tool is available here. Thanks to Alan for providing the link.

As for the myce.com (cdfreaks.com) sites themselves, I’m afraid I can’t tell you what the future is for the myce frontpage site and forum. Despite several attempts from the forum staff to open a dialog with the new owner, we have so far failed to do so.

In the meantime, the forum staff is continuing to manage the forum to the best of our ability, and will continue to do so until the situation is resolved one way or another. We can only hope that the new owner sees a bright future for myce.com (cdfreaks.com) and continues to keep the site running in its present form.

We also hope that our loyal members, who have visited and contributed to the site, which in several cases is for a decade and more, will continue to support each other and the site.

On behalf of the forum staff and myself, let all the forum staff of myce.com (cdfreaks.com) take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our members for all the support, and the good times we have all shared on this site for many years.

Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread

Thank you for this update. I remember back when the RPC1.org site closed, I attempted to archive as much of it as possible. Sadly it was incomplete as my skills to manage site crawlers was limited and I ended up getting quite rightly banned by the remaining admin there shortly before the plug was pulled. (sigh it’s hard to tell it to ignore almost infinite dynamic pages on a forum when you have limited programming skills!). However at the time of the crawl I began including related subdomains from other sites such as MyCE (having learned my lesson to stick to static sites where possible unless I get outside help). I kept the backups that I did manage to obtain in a large file and will need to redownload and extract this to see if it contains the LiggyDee site. If I do have this, I will attempt to find the missing firmware files in it and PM you with these.


That’s very decent of you @samspin.

If you do have anything that would be a big help.


For anyone that downloaded any of the missing firmwares Liggy pointed out above, the following are the original download file names to also check your Downloads folder or search your computer for:

  • AD-5690H firmware 4AH5: 4ah5.7z
  • AD-7203S firmware 1.W2: 1w2.7z
  • AD-7700H firmware 100A: 100a.7z

If you no longer have the 7z archive, you can try searching for any files containing “4ah5”, “1w2” or “100a” with a ‘.bin’ file extension in case you still have them extracted somewhere. This folder should also contain the file “Liggy’s and Dee’s Website.url” or similar to confirm it’s from the liggydee site.

If you have any of these 7z files or the extracted content, we would really appreciate if you could send Liggy a PM.


Sorry to hear this.

Hope that some remedy will be found.


Not sure if this is related, but pictures (attachments) in older posts in some topics do not show up. Pictures of newer posts in the same topics show up correctly. For example:


Yep it’s the same reason. These pictures were hosted on the same server as the sites mentioned in the first post.
Looks like also most of the pictures were not archived by the Wayback machine :frowning_face:


In case these files are still needed, here they are:
AD-5690H_4AH5.7z (680.1 KB)
AD-7203S_1w2.7z (607.3 KB)
AD-7700H_100A.7z (655.7 KB)


Oh, dear! That doesn’t sound good. Fingers crossed that the whole situation will be resolved positively. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Meanwhile, just to be on the safe side, and to avoid the scenario @samspin described, would it be possible for one of the admins to generate an off-line backup/archive of the forum so if the worst comes to pass we don’t loose all the treasure trove of information accumulated over the years and we have a complete off-line backup of all the threads?


Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. :+1:


I found in the Optiarc AD-5280S CB Robot such a firmware fw .1.ZG from VinPower.


This is very worrying. Has something happened to Domi?

I can’t believe he would sell the site without saying anything. Especially as the administrators have been on the staff for so long and done so much for the site. Is it possible that the ownership has changed by someone hacking the registration?

I cannot use the forum (or the internet in general) much any more, but this place still means the world to me.

A huge thank you to Dee :flower:, Liggy, Sean, Vroom and everyone else who keeps trying to keep this place going. Should the worst happen, I hope that you will be able to find a new place for die-hard CDFreaks to meet up and reminisce. (Maybe you should ‘backup’ the member list & email addresses while you can, then maybe you could let some of us old members know if a new home has been found. :wink:

If anyone knows a good place to catch-up with old friends from CDFreaks (which isn’t Facebook) please PM me.

Before RPC1.org went down I managed to grab a few GBs of material from the sub-sites (firmware modders etc.) hosted there. If someone would like a copy of some or all of it then PM me and I’ll see what I can do.


JW (Domi) is no longer associated with the site. He sold it entirely and won’t be back. There was no forewarning to the admins or mods of the site.

Eventually the admins should be able to announce something about the future of the site, but not at the moment. Its not all gloom and doom just yet, so no need to grab your towel.


Thank you for the optimism Kerry.

(Can’t believe I forgot to mention you in my previous post. Very embarrassed. :flower:)

I expect the future of the site will be as a support forum for various pieces of video extraction software. I just hope the new owner will keep the traditional CDFreaks forums. They hold a lot of valuable historic information.