Old cd running slow after installing xp

hello all,

have a memorex 362e (36x) cd-rom drive. i also have a sony cd-r/rw drive. i just did a clean install to xp and even though the drive is recognized correctly, it will only read at 8x (according to the Nero tests). it doesnt even sound like it is spinning up like it used to. because of this, i can only copy cds at 4x speed. this is painfully slow. memorex doesnt offer a firmware upgrade that i can find. i have flashed my mb bios, and updated every driver i can find. everything else seems to work fine (including the sony cd drive) and this drive ran fast enough for me on win 98. what can i do short of buying another drive?


the requisite stats:

abit th7-raid w/p4 1.7ghz
384mb rambus
geforce3 agp
windows xp

Enable DMA for the CD-ROM & CD-RW.

that’ll help u out m8.

but… already done… its running in DMA MW-2 mode right now.

thanks though!!

Originally posted by intron
[B]but… already done… its running in DMA MW-2 mode right now.

thanks though!! [/B]

Well, thats the problem for sure. It should be Ultra DMA Mode 2 & not DMA-MW-2.

DMA-MW-2 has same speed & PIO mode.

ok… so here is a small secondary problem. i have installed intel’s application accelerator program

one of the side effects of this is that it removes the ability to change the dma manually. based on the benefits of the application accelerator, and the negatives of having the cd in the wrong transfer mode, does anyone have a suggestion as which is better? i suppose icould run a set of benchmarks, uninstall, run some more benchmarks and then compare myself to see which one is more worth it as a whole.

thanks again for all the help so far.

[edited to add the following]

after looking at the intel program, it says that my cd does not support udma… memorex offers no support for this drive anymore and i could not find anything on the internet to say wether it actually did support udma or not. hmmmmm … the mystery groes. perhaps it is time to just buy a better drive.

I you’d like my suggestion, keep the default drivers that are installed by windows. they are the best.

Many people have reported probs with Intels IDE Drivers/App Acce.

i will go ahead and uninstall them.

thanks for all your help!! i will let you know what happens.