Old cd/dvd drives



I came into possession of some old cd/dvd’s drives.
Yamaha crw8424s (scsi), Btc drw1108im, Aopen dvd1240, and an Optorite cw5202.
If anyone is interested let me know. I plan to put them on craigslist soon.
Had never seen one before but also have a rocketport 16 box and card. I see they can be spendy…and quite a few old video cards like NVIDIA force 2mx 200, riva tnt64, radeon 9800 pro , ATI 9600 se… looks like somebody robbed a museum… Lol


I do not think your post will last I posted one time that I had something I did not need and would give it to someone for free and my post got removed. I think they do not want people coming here to sell things unless they pay and I can understand that.


The Yamaha crw8424s ([B]scsi[/B]) is a trusty one, bought one myself way years ago…