Old audio CD with multimedia as Track 0. How 2 extract?



I have an old audio cd from 1995 with the Itrax multimedia bonus material. The material consists of videos, interviews, lyrics, etc. It is track 0. But Windows only can see track 1-10. If I use ISOBuster, I can see Track 0 (with a red plus next to it) and it is 175MB in size. I would like to extract the material to my hard drive. I used to be able to access the multimedia portion of the cd on an old Gateway with a 8x cdrom.
Anyone know how to extract this type of content from a cd?


If you make an image you should be able to extract any data from it using ISObuster or WinISO.


I tried that and it didn’t work. I have a Liteon163d, 32123s, and Toshiba 1402 DVD. None of them could make an image of the CD that worked. The cd looks exactly like this one http://www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php3?ID=4068

I finally busted out an old 9x Matshita CDRom drive and it was able to see the data track, but not the audio tracks. I’m assuming the drive doesn’t support multisession and can only see the first one and that is why Windows can access the data. I was gonna pitch the drive, but i now see it still has a purpose in life…

I guess this was unintented copy protection on their part before they knew what copy protection was :slight_smile:


Check the above site, it describes your cd. Your cd is not multisession, it is not protected. You should be able to extract tracks for example with the ‘save track’ function of Nero. Don’t know why you don’t succeed…