Old-ass sierra game

i’ve got this old game, lords of the realm 2, and i don’t know how much longer i have b4 it goes the way of my heroes of might and magic cd (too scratch up to use) as disk doctor will only work for so long!

i’ve tried making backups, but just plain copies don’t work, the game still says it can’t find the cd. clonyXXL just says n/a for the protection type. anyone happen to know what i need to do here, or perhaps some scanners other than clony i should try?

try a-ray scanner, clonyXXL is old and no longer updated. Also check out portmac.com and makeabackup.com to check what protection is on ure cd if u are to lasy to check it.

I would think this game is too old to have had any protection.

Agreed. Also, given it is so old, ClonyXXL would still be sufficient to find anything relative to this games time period, and since that came up clean, chances are that its not protected.

Sounds like if it has many scratches, that can be the reason why a copy will not run. Have you tried lowering the read speed of the game to 4x or lower. Do the same with write speed, also lower it. Use Good media, and if you have access to a Plextor, they are good for scratched up cd’s, IMO, they are best.

What Optical Drives do you have available?

Found out the problem - it appears that it only accepts it if the cd is in the D: drive. I moved my real cd rom over to E: and now emulate on D: and it works fine.