Okokok! I got it! Nero finalization causes SERIOUS C2 ERRORS!



This problem has been perplexing me for months now.

Ya, I think I got it!
I noticed that, sometimes I got a LOT of C2 errors on a certain disc, and then, I test another CD of the same brand and it would give me NO C2 ERRORs.

I just didnt understand the problem. I mean, I burnt one CD and the next CD after like 10 mins. Both CDs came from the same package and the same brand and everything… but… one CD had a LOT of C2 errors (towards the end of the CD) and the other HAD no C2.

Finally, I figured out the problem:

Nero finalization causes C2 errors!!!

It makes sense because even my imported TY discs gave me C2 errors

any comments?


did you try other software too??

you only know for sure it is Nero when it not happens with other software, using the same package of disks


I have only used Nero for the past 5 years.

Sadly, I think its time to change.


You have a mis-understanding of C2 errors. They are not created by software, (or even the burner), they are created in the reading process. It’s true that a poorly burned disc will be bound to show C2 errors while reading. Some scanning programs do not handle open discs or multisession discs very well, I can’t say if this is part of your problem. There are any number of other variables that could explain what you are seeing, not the least of which is the fact that errors usually are seen at the outer edge of the disc, where burn and reading speeds are greatest, so a partially written disc will contain data only on the inner part where speeds are slower.

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