Is the new LITEON 52x CDRW which I’ve just bought rather than the ASUS 48X capable of copying my original and fully paid for Karaoke disks for backup purposes?


best way to find out is try 1

Ah, I attract the “type” type…the kind who are legion on Forums and forgo the simple use of the phrase “Yes” or “No” in favour of the supercilious “Why don’t you try one…”

Well, PGoofy, if you don’t know, don’t bother stating the bleeding obvious…

Thanks for your help George…:frowning:


Nice start

Wwahahaha! You really should try it yourself, I doubt any of us have your karaoke discs to try ourselves. Lite-ONs can copy almost anything and I highly doubt that any label would bother protecting a karaoke cd

Jip, you can almost say that if the liteon can’t copy it, no other writer can !! :bow:

So just try it.