Okay, what am i doing wrong?

Here’s all the pertinent information (I think - heh). I’m new to making backups of my DVD collection, so please bear with me if this turns out to be something simple.

I’m using AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, an NEC 6650A DVD +/- RW drive, and Memorex DVD +R dual layer blanks.

So here’s the deal. I’ve used the CloneDVD feature of CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD running. I’ve been burning the disks dual layer, so there shouldn’t be any compression used, and I’ve had it clone the entire DVD. I thought this would be the simplest manner for my first burns before I got tricky with anything.

I’ve cloned backups of Pride & Prejudice and Memoirs of a Geisha, both with the exact same results. When I put the copy in my Mitsubishi DD-6610 DVD player it tries to load the disc, then says ‘Disk Error, please check your disk’. So I put the DVD in the computer I burned them from, and after spinning for a bit it opens a file window showing the audio and movie folders, but doesn’t autoplay the DVD. Nor can I autoplay it from right clicking the drive.

If I launch Windows Media Center, however, and tell it to “Play DVD” manually, the disks work and play fine with full menus and an excellent copy of the movie and audio.

So my question is this…what am I doing wrong in my burn that both my DVD player and the computer don’t recognize the disk as a DVD? The copies obviously work if I manually play them through the Media Center, but neither my DVD player in my home theater, nor my computer/Windows XP recognizes the disk as being a DVD natively.

Thanks in advance for the help, and if there’s information you can use that I’ve not included, please let me know.


Memorex Dual Layer :Z . The only ones to use are Verbatim +R DL.

If they’ve burned OK then it could just be that you need to book type the media to DVD-ROM, if your burner supports this.

If you’re not compressing then I’d rip with DVD Decrypter to an ISO image & burn with it or Imgburn. Both these preserve the layer break properly & will book type as well.

DVD Decrypter won’t rip at least one of those movies correctly. You need to use DVDFab to rip discs using Sony Arccos protection. That’s probably your issue right there.

Edit: The movie I’m talking about is Memoirs of a Geisha. It incorporates Sony’s copy protection, which DVD Decrypter can NOT handle properly.

  1. Update both software packages.

  2. Make sure your player can play burned DL media.

  3. As said use Verbatim media.

  4. Do you have auto play deselected in AnyDVD?

I just backed up Pride & Prejudice, which i might add was a bit of a ba*tard. For some reason they have managed to put in an error, which makes the backup mess up. The way i got around it was by just copying the movie, without menus.