Okay to write on discs with a marker?



What about, when you label them with a sharpie, and stack the disks in those spindle cases , hm you know those cake boxes whatever you call them?. Couldn’t the ink from the top attach to the data side of the disk on top of it?.


Just bought some Staedtler fine tipped pens.


They look excellent, really good for writing longer titles on CD-Rs. You get none of the blobbyness thicker tipped pens can produce.

One thing I was wondering in a slightly OT sort of way is for discs like my new Panasonic TYG03s, which have no guide lines, how to write reasonably straight without using a ruler. I didn’t realise they were like that until they turned up. Nice discs though. :bigsmile:


If you use decent CDR pens (or Sharpies), they should dry instantly.

@Idontexistm8 - those Pannys are really nice looking discs, you could just do some really fancy writing where it doesn’t matter if it’s straight or not :bigsmile:


Looks like I’ll have to take a calligraphy course :smiley:


Actually I’ve found the Staedtler to be a little too fine (well they are listed as Ultra Fine). I’m going to try a couple of Stabilo Write 4 Alls off ebay which are around a 0.6/7mm tip.

Then I’ve have a nice selection to scrawl with. :slight_smile:


The ones they sell in Asda in packs of two (one red, one black) I’ve found are really good :wink:


And I thought I was the perfectionist… :wink:


LOL what did I say? :wink:


Pelikan CD/DVD Marker 441 do the job for me for years now, they do just fine :iagree:


Sharpie extra fine point permanent for me


I used normal Sharpies for 4 years. I never lost any data, CD or DVD because of it. I have started using Sharpie Industrial. (it’s suposed to be a different ink that’s chemical resistant.) I am not sure but that ink might mess up a cd… I also have some Faber Castell Cd makers. I picked them up for fun. 6$ for 4 :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s alot but it was for fun.


I’ve got some little white-board calendars and noticeboards (the kind that have magnets on the back to stick to your fridge), and the dry-erase markers that come with them seem to be great for discs. They leave a nice readable mark on the disc that is neither too thin (and invisible), nor runny and spreading. It can also be erased nice and easy if you need to, while not wiping off by accident. :wink:


Yeah, nice idea but those faber castell’s also come with a special eraser XD

Tho your idea is probably cheeper


staedtler do a product called turn and write it solves all your writing problems.check the website…


I always use regular marker (soft) and never has problems with media. :disagree:


[QUOTE=bennybjorn;2045687]staedtler do a product called turn and write it solves all your writing problems.check the website…[/QUOTE]

Just tried to find this on the Staedtler website, but no luck; what is it? And any chance of a link?

I’ve always just used a chisel tip permanent black marker for that “arty” thick and thin effect.




Just tried to find this on the Staedtler website, but no luck; what is it? And any chance of a link?

Hey there Slainte,

I think he meant.

STAEDTLER® Lumocolor®


I forget if you’re supposed put links on this site or not but here it is anyway.



I’ve been using Sharpies for both CD/DVD backup, for quite a while now. So far, have yet to run into any problems. However, I’m thinking about going with the fine point, as I notice sometimes the regular Sharpie can be too much. Just depends on the kind of DVDs you get (screen print, frosted, etc).


I keep going back to the STAEDTLER Lumocolor. I use the black “Art.Nr 313-9” S for small, I have got so many other pens and none come close IMO. I had been looking at the Staedtler site in the link above and could not seem to see the pen I like, so I checked in more and found these which are a better match looks like a UK thing the Art. no. 310 but on mine it says 313-9 ???

The only others I really like are the Pentel CD-R/DVD-R Marker for a good picture
They work really well, but are a bit too think for me, which all of the Sharpies I have found (not so easy over here) seem to be like as well.


I use sharpie ultra-fine tip marker (anything thicker can bleed depending on how you write). Just don’t use a heavy pressure to write, it’s a marker after all… if the ink doesn’t start… pre-write on some paper first (these tend to go dry quickly, so remember to recap them immediately). Don’t be too concerned about longevity… if that’s your main concern BUY GOOD MEDIA to start with… MOST stuff at your local B&M are CRAP… educate yourself on what media is REALLY GOOD to start with & writing on them almost always won’t be the the issue. BTW, with these ultra fine sharpies… if you find that your having trouble writing to the disc surface every time… chances are your marker is beginning to run out of ink… time to splurge on another pack.