Okay to write on discs with a marker?



I’m wondering, since writable DVDs are a sandwich between 2 plastic layers, does this mean that the top of blanco DVD+Rs feel like plastic and not like with blanco CD-Rs?

I was going for printable T02 DVD+Rs as I never liked those blanco CD-Rs, they seem so fragile.



Yes, I’ve had silver topped blank CD-Rs which the top layer peeled off really easily. All I had to do was to place a sweaty thumb on the surface and wait for about a minute. When I pulled the thumb off, the silver layer came off with it. In the case of these discs, it was as DrageMester said : the silver layer was also the reflective layer - underneath it was transparent plastic.

Needless to say, the disc was unusable after that. I started backing up the remaining stuff I had burned on these immediately!

I wrote on them with OHP markers though and that didn’t seem to cause a problem.

However, these are some rather horrible unbranded discs made by Postech, never a manufacturer known for good quality media. They were also ridiculously cheap. I bought them to find out just why they were so cheap. Boy did I find out in a hurry :slight_smile: The same thing might not happen with better quality stuff.


So those silver tops actually lacked the top protective lacquer…


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Maybe this post will help. :slight_smile:

are the usual [sharpie] permanent markers, fine/ultra fine point, ok for cds too?
In theory, yes, but personally I prefer to use dedicated CD markers for CDR. But most users of Sharpies have no problem I think.

see also this thread - if you read it in its entirety, you’ll know everything you need to know guess. :bigsmile:


Francksoy, thanks for that. after reading through both those topics, it seems thats what
i had in mind all along. that sharpies are just fine for both dvd’s and cd’s. especially if you
have quality cd’s like ty and even if theyre silver top, i.e. only lacquer and no paint/label!


Interesting thread, I did not know about the 0.6 mm layer on the top of DVD’s.
I had a bad experience a few years back with unbranded CD-r’s that just had the reflective layer as the top of the disk and the first I knew of it was when I caught the CD tray as I was putting the disk in and the tray closed with the isk half out of the tray and scratched the back/top of the disk, killing it dead :a

When I held the disk up to the light it was just clear plastic where scratched, I have since re-burnt them all (IIRC about 50 of then, given to me as a present) and have always had nothing to do with ‘any’ unbranded media since.

But I will give ‘unbranded’ (as I call it) DVD’s a chance in the future, as for the pen thing I got a pack of pens made to write on CD/DVD media in with an on-line order quite a few years ago, when they started running out I have since used Staedtler Lumicolor because it says on the pen itself ‘waterproof on most surfaces + CD/DVD lightfast’, I also have a ‘Stabilo Sensor’ medium 0.7 that is good for very fine writing on printable surface media.


I use water based markers (Memorex) as opposed to alcohol based markers. I just make sure water stays miles away from my precious DVDs :slight_smile:

Any experiences using Memorex markers? They are pretty good IMHO.



I have been using Sharpies for the last ten years on my CD-R and DVD media - and have never had a problem-

Lately I have been using Bic Permanent Markers (4 for $1.50) and still no problems-eh!


So, what kind of DVD’s should I buy? There are Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16X and DVD-R 8X Silver Lacquer? My DVD burner I think is higher then 8 or 16?



I’ve used all sorts of markers(whiteboard/OHP/permanent) for over 5 years now. Not a problem cause by the markers so far

My only problems were that the reflective layer was peeling away from my cds, but those happened away from where I used the marker on, so I doubt it’s cause by the ink.


I use a Sharpie INDUSTRIAL marker(looks the same as the retail, just says Industrial on it) to write on my burned dvd’s, not the retail kind since I get the Industrial one from work. Is this ok to write on my dvd’s or should I get the retail Sharpie?


Makes no difference on DVD’s, use whatever you like.

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This is what I use… Because ts the only one available here in Manila.
Do you think its good?

And how do you erase a label if ever you make a mistake?


I would like to ask if there is there any CD-R manufacturer in the world that makes CD-R with topmost surface as on DVDs (0.6 mm plastic)?


how much damage can be done by sticking labels to dvd ?


No, because that wouldn’t be a CD and no CD drive would read such a disc.

If you want CD-R media with a tough top surface, I suggest you look for e.g. Verbatim “Crystal”, Verbatim “Extra Protection”, Maxell CD-R Pro, That’s Ceramic Coat.

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Anything from no apparent problems to an unreadable disc.

Have a look in this thread:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!



Mmm, fabrically pressed CDs (audio and data), they are made as such - aluminium/reflective layer laminated/sandwitched between two plastic - am I right?


Not exactly. DVDs are made like that with the reflective and data layers between two 0.6mm layers of polycarbonate.

CDs are made with a reflective layer and data layer on top of approx. 1.1mm polycarbonate, and usually
[li] with a layer of lacquer on top of the reflective layer. Some CDs have additional protection on the top surface.[/li]

[li] But not always, especially for older CD-R media.[/li]
Understanding the CD: Material (article on HowStuffWorks)