Okay to write on discs with a marker?



No surprise - they are made in Germany :stuck_out_tongue:
But we don’t have TDK markers here :rolleyes:


I use the Schneider-made “Ednet CD/DVD markers”, excellent quality and no smell either. Widely available in many shops in Belgium. :slight_smile:
In Germany: http://www.dooyoo.de/speichergehaeuse-und-kabel/ednet-cd-marker/


Haha, that would explain their absence here! BTW, since I’ve never seen the Verb markers, I had no way to tell where they originated :wink:

Edit: But saying that, I’m surprised they aren’t imported to Britain…


I’ve been writing on media with sharpies since 1997. No adverse effects so far. I’ve used both standard sharpies and clothing sharpies. I see no reason to waste money on more expensive ‘explicityly media marking pens’.



I write on all burned cds & dvds with Städtler lumocolor permanent compact marker. I’m more than satisfied with it. I hope that it doesn’t harm the surface.


I use the same, and have no problem on my discs


My CD-Rs with sharpie written on top are still in fine shape after 8 years or more.


PS I will never write on a dvd or cd with a sharpie. If you plan on having these for long term, the ink can and will eat into the cd or dvd. The process is vastly accelerated with heat. I use little post it notes on the cd or dvd, on the case or on the disc. I lost hundreds of disks, mainly to heat, but the sharpie ate through first.

CA is the new Arizona, 100 F no problem thanks to Global Warming (if it isn’t real Republican scumbags then why the hell does it get hotter and hotter if you average the temps over the years a increase must exist). In you car those disks have not a chance after a year.


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Well, cds/dvds will eventually end up frisbees in anyone’s car from the heat. If stored normally inside a house at room temperature, in a cooler spot, no direct sunlight, good ventilation, either in jewel cases, cd/dvd wallets or even just spindles, they should hold up a nice, long time. I’ve spoken to CDFreaks that have stored CDs/DVDs in wallets and spindles, using Sharpies to write on them, and they’ve had no degradation nor problems, so over 5-15 years they’ve done it, I have no reservations about using Sharpies. :bigsmile:


Me neither, and until I get a nice disc printer, I shall continue to use my Sharpies. :slight_smile:


I label my cds/dvds with a regular black sharpie, I was just wondering before I make a purchase for a package of cd-rs with a shiny, silver unbranded top, whether or not these are less safe to label with a sharpie than branded blank media. (Couldn’t find an answer with the ‘search’ option by the way)


I label my Ty’s that way - works for me!



CD and DVD media are different as to how much protection they have from the label side. For DVD media the data and reflective layers are in the middle of the disc with 0.6mm of polycarbonate on both sides. For CD media there is only a very thin layer of lacquer on top of the reflective side, an for some (older) CD-R media the top layer is the reflective layer.

Thus it’s possible to say that for DVDs it’s going to be very difficult to damage the data or reflective layer by writing something on the top or label side.

For CD media it’s not so clear. Most people get no problems from writing something with a suitable (soft tip) pen like a Sharpie on CDs, but a few people have reported problems.

As long as the shiny silver top is protected by a layer of lacquer, I don’t see why there should be any difference between labelling those and labelling branded CDs.

There is a sticky thread on this subject: Okay to write on discs with a marker?
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I will do so. My next question is just to make sure these
http://www.supermediastore.com/ritek-ridata-52x-cdr-cd-r.html have the protective top layer of lacquer you speak of


I see there are now inkjet printable CD-R discs and they don’t seem expensive either. I’m guessing these might have a better protective surface on top. I’ve written on some inkjet printable DVDs with a sharpie and it worked okay. Your mileage may vary.


Appreciate the response, but my question pertains to the shiny silver topped blank media b/c I prefer them, as well as the branded kind, over the printable ones appearance wise.


It is safe to label silver topped CD-Rs with a marker as I’ve tried it.

However, I’ve generally had bad experiences with them. The silver topped, non printed surface generally gets more finger prints and scratches on it compared to the printed top surface discs.

And you might have guessed that this can lead to readabilty problems.

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Interesting. I have heard this many times myself before I became a member & user of cdfreaks. Then it seemed like when I started reading through these forums, I would see little about people having issues with the shiny silver topped discs. But I have heard this quite a bit, & it’s steering me away from purchasing them over branded or thermal. Anyone else have any poor experiences with the silver topped blank media as compared to the branded & the thermal kinds?