Okay to write on discs with a marker?



I was being sarcastic…

Here’s a 25-pk of Memorex DL: http://cgi.ebay.com/MEMOREX-25-PACK-DVD-R-DL-DUAL-DOUBLE-LAYER-8-5GB-25PACK_W0QQitemZ8743308847QQcategoryZ44929QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. Factoring in shipping, they’re $2.50/each. Without the inflated shipping cost, they’d be $2.00/each.


Thanks for all the info regarding writing on the discs with a marker. I’ll bet that it was just coincidence that I had two coaster in which I first wrote on them with a big fat red marker and then the third try succeeded, but I did not write on it until after I burned it.

As for ebay, the inflated shipping prices are the sellers’ way of getting around ebay’s increasing fees. Ebay does not take a cut of the shipping charges. I’ve bought stuff that was $1 with $20 shipping, but I knew what I was getting into and the item was worth $40 retail. I recently bought five new caller ID boxes for $18 including shipping. Let’s see you beat that at any brick & mortar retailer!

Don’t forget to include tax when you buy from a brick & mortar retailer.



If you look at the inside of the labels for Sony or Fuji (8x +R MIJ are ones I have), they specifically state to use oil-based felt tip pen when writing on the surface of the disc :slight_smile:


The bottom line though is that ebay IS NOT the place to shop for media. Yes, you can get some good deals/hard to find items, if you really dig but when it comes to blank media, it is just a rip-off. As mentioned by rdgrimes. www.rima.com has a superb reputation and sells authentic 8x Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R for $33+shipping. At most it should cost you $40 with shipping and these are considered to be some of the best discs out there. It’s kinda like buying a Yugo, when for about the exact same price you could get a Mercedes Benz or BMW. That guy clearly made a killing off of those discs. As for shipping prices that is a bunch of crap. I can regularly get 100 packs of those TY from rima for $5-$6 shipped. Whether it be listing fees or shipping fees, it doesn’t matter, with each passing day ebay’s “deals” get worse and worse.


I do the Sharpie thing for DVD and CD backups, I was told it was not a good idea to put labels on CD-s, as they can make the disc out of balance and not spin up right at times, any truth to that or is it an urban legend. Labels can make a backup look neater, maybe I just need to print better.


Labels seem to have a number of issues…

  1. Risk of upsetting balance, though the applicator should centre them nicely

  2. Risk of misapplied label making the disk unusable

  3. Risk of adhesive permeating the top layer

By far the greatest problem with labels is peeling/tearing, especially with slot loaders - it is better NEVER to apply a label to any disk to be used in a slot loader, as while the other problems are arguable, it is almost inevitable that a slot loader will eventually be jammed when it peels and snags the label.


Yup, either get a good inkjet printable setup or stick with a sharpie marker. As long as you let the marker ink dry first then you are good to go. . .provided you are using decent quality media, of course. :wink:


I’ve recently purchased these because of their ability to be burnt at 12x with quality results. (I’ve never had a problem with any TY’s).

My question is, can I use a “sharpie” felt marker to label these? They’ve got a “Lacquer” surface.



It should be safe. The dye is sndwhiched between two plastic discs and as such the ink from any permanent marker can’t get to it and damage it.


Sure why not


If it smells like solubles, you should not use it for CDs, because CDs only have a tiny lacquer surface on top of the reflective and dye layers. But you can use virtually any felt marker on DVDs, since DVD reflective layer is sandwiched between two parts of polycarbonate discs.


Good stuff. Thanks for the quick responses.


Was very explicit with question…"sharpie" felt marker.


This question is asked about every other day…
Merged several threads with similar topic. :wink:


Pens? Work fine with DVD but watch out with pens on CD, they should not contain solubles…


I have TDK CD/DVD Pens - seem OK.

Just ordered two packs of DVD from SVP (trial packs) one +R and one -R
Looks like the DVD writer is going to get a good trashing :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the tips.


? No problem with a CD pen. Actually on DVDRs you can write with about any marker you want. :wink:


My chosen method, since I don’t own a posh disc printer :bigsmile:…I use them on CDs, too (permanent marker - those TDK ones you mentioned) - no problems after several years of using them!

And make that burner squeal :wink:


I use Verbatim MultiMedia markers. They seem to be the best markers I’ve come across yet. Speed-Link and Hama markers had an odd smell, but the Verbatim markers do not have smell at all - I think companies which are making media should know best what’s good and what is not…


Never seen them in a store here in England! The TDK ones are widely available here, though. :slight_smile: