Okay to write on discs with a marker?



OMG, i think i got fakes. :frowning:

 Media Information                            
Region information                                    N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID                                          TYG02
Format Capacity                                             Not Formatted
Free Blocks                                                     411107328
Free Capacity                                              4.38GB(4.71GB)
Book Type                                                           DVD-R
Media Type                                                          DVD-R
Media Id Code Speed                                       8.0x  11080KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  8.0x  11080KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  5.9x   8112KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  4.0x   5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  2.0x   2770KBps
Write Strategy Speed                                        4.0x 5540KBps
2x Speed OPC beta                                                      08
2x Speed OPC power                                                     0E
2x Write Strategy field 1                                     11 87 78 80
2x Write Strategy field 2                               88 80 00 00 00 00
4x Speed OPC beta                                                      06
4x Speed OPC power                                                     13
4x Write Strategy field 1                                     0D 10 0E 07
4x Write Strategy field 2                                     97 07 0D 0B
4x Write Strategy field 3                                     80 00 00 00
4x Speed OPC beta multi-pulse                                          06
4x Speed OPC power multi-pulse                                         18
4x Write Strategy field 4                                     17 85 78 75
4x Write Strategy field 5                               D6 89 A8 92 01 20
4x Write Strategy field 6                                  10 00 D0 00 00
Data area starting sector                                          30000h
Linear Density                                                0.267um/bit
Track Density                                                0.74um/track
Number of Layers                                                        1

It says TYG02, but i ordered Riteks!!! What the hell?? Plus i really don’t think these are Tuyo yudens, probably fake yudens?? How can i verify it?

Sorry to sound upset, but this sucks.



Look real close at the clear outer ring in the center - if it has a two digit like “GG” or “TG” plus six numbers and then opposite and on the other side a five digit code - then they are REAL Taiyo Yudens - if not they are fakes - Meritline is getting infamous for sending this crap to their customers - return them and buy your discs from www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com - both very good vendors that do not send fakes to their customers-

And yes you can write (gently) on the top of the disc (I have used a Stanford sharpie marking pen for years on all my media - no problems)-



The only numbers anywhere near the center outer rings are:

lFPl B32 (not sure if the ‘l’ is a one or the letter ‘L’). The cakebox on the top has these numbers on a white sticker: 102-225-025.

Guess they are fake. Wow, that is pretty deceptive, and to think that cdfreaks has their mini ads at the top all the time. Thats double sad.

Thanks mike. :slight_smile:


I have a 100-pack spindle of Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R discs and the tops of them are all clear, with no coating to write on.
Is it still possible to write on them with a ‘Sharpie’ and not damage the discs at all?

Also, what recommendations do you all have for dvd labeling? And are dvd labels safe to use?
I heard a few years ago that using labels on cd/dvd recordable media can damage them over time?

Here’s a picture of the tops of my DVD-R Media:


Yes to the first question. DVD’s are pretty well protected from damage, even without the coat of paint on the top.

You can put good quality labels on a good quality DVD. It will probably reduce the quality slightly, but as long as the disc is good and the label is dry before you apply it to the disc, you will notice no deterioation in playback.

I haved used hundreds of Photo Gloss Pressit labels with no ill effects, but you will find plenty of people that swear blind that DVD labelling is one of the worst ideas since the inflatable dartboard.


the DVDs and the labels have different thermal expansions. The more heat the more difference. In a lot of cases you’ll get a DVD with an out-of-balance.
Another point is, that with upcoming heat the label might be separated.
If you wanrt label, why not directly on the DVD. There’s lot of printable high quality DVDs. All you need is an appropriate printer like Canon’s pixma 5000.

Hope I could help


Good to know I can write on them! I’ve been putting Post-Its near the dvds to remind me what they are right now lol. Only thing I really don’t like about dvd-r without the smooth finish on top is that if you just touch it in any way, your fingerprint sticks to it, and trying to rub it off seems to only make it worse. Are there any types of cloth that you can use on them to clean them without scratching the media?

I’ve thought about buying one of those burners that also can write labels on the disc. Those are 100% safe? It’s called LightScribe isn’t it? …then again you have to buy a special type of disc too to use them.


Lightscribe is alright, just takes a long time to burn the label onto the disc. Also it is only black and brown, no colours. And you have to pick an image with a lot of contrast otherwise the image is really washed out, even on the best setting.

Its a good technology but it requires some fine tuning. AT the moment I would suggest either Labels or Printable media and a nice printer like the Pixma or the R200.


I have been using special markers (TDK, Memorex) to write on my CDR media. I read somehow the recording/reflection layers of CDR media is pretty much right on the top.

I realize these critical layers in DVDR media seems to be better protected? So can I just use a regular permanent marker (much cheaper and easier to find than those special ones)? This will not hurt the lifetime of my media?


Dont waste your money on special markers anymore. Buy any permanent marker (I prefer Sharpies as do many others) and you can use that on any cd (including silver generics) and dvds. The sharpies ink will come right off if you put rubbing alcohol on it so there should be no fear of damaging the disc.

DVDs the media layer itself is sandwiched between 2 transparent plastic discs. You could deliberately scratch the top of the disc and so long as the top layer isnt punctured you will have no damage to the data at all.


thanks a lot. I just finished my 4 pack markers bought 4 years ago.
Will go with the cheap Sharpies! 99c/4pack from Staples :smiley:


Does the sharpie ink dry fast enough to label a disk and put it (upside down) on the stack (5 second dry time). I didn’t feel comfortable putting the ink right next to the data surface of the adjacent disk so quick, so now I flip the pack upside down first and number them backwards and this leaves about 30 seconds of dry time.
Is this being paranoid ?

If ink did smear onto the data side of the disk above, then can you use rubbing alchohol on the data side of the dvd, or is it just for the label side?


Interesting questions!

Dry time: personnaly I’m on the paranoïd side too :bigsmile: - I’d do the same.

Rubbing alcohol: it’s actually very difficult not to scratch the data side when cleaning it. I tried cotton but it still leaves (slight) scratches. Best for me is chamois leather.

I have to disagree with Max_clif about CDs, though, I’ve had problems with Sharpies/permanent markers on CDs. Many were unusable after 12-14 months.
Now I use a special CD marker and everything seems fine. Sharpies/markers are OK for DVDs though, as the data layer is under 0.6 mm of plastic, unlike CDs.


Yup, Sharpie’s work great and are probably the most cost effective method out there for labeling.


Sharpies are great. My CD’s are about 9 or10 years old.

In those days the cheap CD’s media was awful and didn’t last long.
All my Gold Sony’s from then are still good.

Think about this - how can something dry and chemically stable eat thru plastic ?
Inks dry in seconds, else it would smear and be useless in a pen.


You can use rubbing alcohol on any part of hte disc without fear of damage… unless the disc has ink prints that might rub off from the alcohol.

I use it on the bottom and on top of cds without problem.

I usually give it 20 secs before trying to test if the ink has dried


Chemically stable depends on the environment. Water in a glass is chemically stable. Pour it over a chunk of pure sodium (not sodium chloride) and it’s a different matter entirely.

A given ink may or may not be chemically stable on DVD or CD substrate. It depeneds on what’s in the ink, and what’s in the substrate.


With CDs you are not writing on the plastic, you are writing directly on the back if the media. If you doubt this, take a knife and scratch the top of a CD and then try and read it.

This is not the case with DVD nor with some very rare older CDs that were sandwiched between plastic.


I just got started burning some Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs (at 8x) yesterday and I wrote on them the same as I did CDs by Taiyo Yuden. So far, Nero CD-DVD Speed reports no file or surface errors, so I assume everything is OK. Is it really OK to write on DVD-Rs the same like any unbranded CDs? I notice that the marker appear blurry on the DVD-R. Is this normal for these kind of discs? Thanks very much for any info…


Hmm it doesn’t appear blurry on my silver TYG02 discs.
Hasn’t caused any problems that I have found. :wink: