Okay to buy benq 1640!?

getting one in 3150rs (53usd$) (only have 3 days left to get it)
okay to buy it ? or shoud wait for 1655(lightscribe)

i already have a sony dru 800a on slave so ill make this master and connect my 200gig on the pci ide controller as my other controllers and sata’s are already taking space

guess thats okay

If you intend to use LightScribe media in near future, say one year, than wait for 165* drives.
But if you just want one of the best burners for the moment, go for 1640 while you can. :wink:

I’m on my second 1640 now. The first one “didn’t like” the 1655 firmware and died on me, heh he. :bigsmile:

Pinto: Bad Bad. There in very short supply you should stop playing so hard and killing them :flower: My twins (1640’s) are doing great, everything I could want. I would get a 1655 if I could justify $1.29 per disc instead of $0.34 per disc and a sharpie which now can be had in a retractable version like a pen.

thanks for the feedback , ill get 1640 asap