Okay, so I was wrong about T9

So I used to hate T9 because I never took the time to learn it or even pretend to use it any. So I just said “I don’t use it because it sucks.” Well, it turns out that I was wrong, and I’d like to come forward and admit that publicly. Because I’m trying to avoid doing any work and admitting my faults to strangers on the internet is the perfect way to do just that.

So anyway, it turns out that T9 is acctually much faster than texting manually, and it really doesn’t make many mistakes, and once you’ve taught it words that you use frequently (like ‘e-mail’ and ‘quark’), it’s acctually better than the old fashoined way. I just thought I’d let all of you people know, because I bet some of you still do it the manual way, and you really should know that T9 is acctually easy to learn and worth using. So yeah, there you are.

Quickly! Someone reply so I can avoid working for a bit longer! O_O

I didnt understand T9 at first either so I didnt use it. I was young and stupid. :wink:

I don’t use it because it sucks!

Well I do, but on my Samsung phone it still sucks, on my nokia it was much better :wink:

T9 r0x0rs your s0x0rs!

Oh well T9 is a great way for fast typing your SMS … no problem there. The only problem I have is that there are always new words to add to the T9 list and I add and ADD … and like a year later it finaly works like I had hoped. But then it comes a problem … I buy a new phone … and no way to export the T9 to the new phone.
Since we now have 3G here it would be a great idea if Nokia / SE etc. made a T9 that was based on JAVA and the free people could make their own T9 setup and download a updated setup of the T9.

I still hate T9.

It is turned off and will remain this way.

U are teh slow typah!

Nope, just T9 in most cases has a bad guess. And like a student during an exam, it had three guesses. Failed.
Though, I have to admit that it is very quick and I am slow (you are right), it makes us (T9 and I) incompatible.

Hah bumhug!

Text prediction requires much teaching … tis like Dragin naturally speaking … when the time comes to upgrade … relearn, ReLeArN, RELEARN!
That and you sound like a soul-less robot while doing it.

Dragon naturally Speaking took me 3 hours to get to configure so it could get most of the words I said right. Then my voice broke. Never got round to doing it all again, typing is faster anyway.

I hated T9 for a couple of years… I tried it once and didn’t understand how it worked, so I turned it off. Same on the next phone… and on the next… until the day I saw this very nice girl typing really fast on her mobile. So I realised I had to try again and now I wouldn’t want to SMS without it anymore…

all i’ve hd since i’ve been txtng hv been LG so it wrks th sme each tme.

/me loves T9

i can’t stand it…will never use it…
ok so that was harsh…maybe if someone would …show me…how to…i might
but when i tried it on my phone it would change the words i was writing to totally different words…and that made me mad…

well, one of these is still true :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t expect a simple phone to withstand all the native gibberish accents of course :slight_smile:

I got a Siemens … T9 is good … but it’s not good 4 shortening messages … it makes all proper words = costs more …

U pay 4 lttr?

that is true…and i just keep my phone in my purse so when i forget where i left my purse i can call my phone to find it :rolleyes: